Cooper Drive Soil Slide

The City is working to mitigate the life and safety threat from the hillside slide impacting six homes along Cooper Drive. At this time, the city’s primary focus is to mitigate the life and safety threat by removing the hillside debris. Once the soil is removed, discussions can begin on the next steps in the recovery process.

The city is making significant progress in removing the slide mass from the hillside. As weather permits, crews have hauled in aggregate rock to help stabilize the ground to allow access and to support the heavy equipment removing the slide mass. During the rains, soil removal work is halted and visqueen plastic sheeting, sandbags, and wattle barriers are secured along the slope to conserve soil loss.

Six homes along Cooper Drive have been impacted by hillside debris. Due to sustained damage, the City red-tagged and evacuated two of the homes, alternate accommodations have been provided.

Concerned residents are encouraged to reach out to their insurance agencies and review their policies. Links to helpful resources are listed below.