Chief Emil Biavaschi 1935 - 1939

Chief Emil Biavaschi, a naturalized citizen from the northern part of Italy, moved to Santa Rosa from Montana in 1915. He entered the Police Department in 1924 as a specialized officer and was placed on regular service in 1926 as a patrolman. He was promoted to sergeant in 1929 and made captain in 1930. He was appointed as Chief of Police in August 1935. He had been with the department for 11 years prior to his appointment. In February 1939, Chief Biavaschi elected to step down to patrolman and served in that capacity until his retirement in November 1953. His 30 years of service with the Santa Rosa Police Department earned him the warmest respect and friendship of the men of the department and the community.
Black and white photograph of Emil Biavaschi in uniform