Eric Christensen Candidate Statement 


District 7 Candidate
Eric Christensen

Small Business Owner

P.O. Box 7605
Santa Rosa, CA  95407

(707) 755-5472
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Santa Rosa’s west area deserves a representative with a strong voice, and an experienced leader. Someone who understands the needs of our community and someone who can address the complex issues facing our neighborhoods today – I believe I am that person.

This election allows our area, now referred to as the 7th City Council District, an opportunity to elect our very own representative. The 7th City Council District encompasses Guerneville Road at the north, city limits to the west and south and west of Stony Point Road at its most eastern point.

Like many of you, I truly love the west Santa Rosa. I could not imagine raising my family anywhere else. However, we deserve better. I believe as your representative on the City Council we can get more for our neighborhoods and our community.

As you know, we are faced with challenges today; the recent wildfires, COVID-19, homelessness, housing affordability, and economic recovery; all have become major concerns. We must also help our businesses recover from the pandemic – I am committed to seek solutions that will help allow employers to continue supporting their employees. We need to do more to have better fire services and an emergency warning and response system without having to raise taxes. We can negotiate better, be fiscally responsible, and work more efficiently. We need to work harder to provide housing and rents that are affordable and increase recreational opportunities and programs for our seniors and young people alike.

As a small business owner with an office near Corporate Center Parkway and as a resident living near the Joe Rodota Trail, I’ve seen firsthand why the current homeless policies are failing us; we must chart a more sustainable path forward that balances the need to help our most vulnerable access housing and services with the reality that existing policies have negatively impacted our quality-of-life.   I encourage you to check out my web site for more thorough explanations on my homeless position.

I will work to make sure Santa Rosa’s 7th District remains beautiful and healthy for people and their families to enjoy.  That means promoting a business-friendly atmosphere while protecting and enhancing our environment and schools, preventing crime, enforcing laws, and achieving affordable housing and rents. To do this we need efficient responsive government leaders.

I’m dedicated to providing a strong and experienced voice in negotiation and leadership to the Santa Rosa City Council. I am focused on protecting the rights of residents and businesses to make sure everyone has equal protection under the law. I support our youth and senior programs as well allocating City resources to enhance the beautification and quality of life for residents within our community. 

I would love the opportunity to speak with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please call me at (707) 755-5472 or email:

I respectfully ask for your vote. Thank you in advance for your support.

For more information about me and my campaign, please go to: