A Public Facing Dashboard

With a commitment to fostering a culture of transparency, the Santa Rosa Police Department is providing a Public Facing Dashboard for community members to view data regarding the complaints generated both internally and externally by members of the community. This dashboard will provide information about the types of complaints our Professional Standards Team investigates and the outcomes of those complaints. Each complaint has been reviewed in real time by our Independent Police Auditor, OIR LLC.

Here's a link to OIR for more information on the Independent Police Auditor.

Here's a link to the Santa Rosa Police Department Public Facing Dashboard.

A Closer Look at other Statistical Data

Data helps the community understand what the Santa Rosa Police Department does and provides opportunities for two-way engagement. Please review the statistics below for the calendar year 2019.

Key Points

  • Over 99% of all calls for service do NOT result in force. Only 0.17% of all calls for service result in any degree of force used. (235 use of force incidents / 137,690 calls for service = 0.0017067)
  • Only 6.6% of calls for service resulted in an arrest. (9,091 arrests / 137,690 calls for service = 0.0660251)

2019 Calls for Service

Source: SCPSC CAD Database

Total calls to dispatch255,224
Number of calls for service SRPD responded to137,690
Number of 9-1-1 calls74,517
Number of non-9-1-1 calls136,517

Calls for Service Response Times

Source: SCPSC CAD Database

Response time for Priority 1 Calls6:48 minutes
Response time for Priority 2 Calls12:33 minutes
Response time for Priority 3 Calls25:38 minutes

2019 Arrests

Source: SCPSC RMS Database and Santa Rosa Police IAPro database

Total Arrests9,091
Arrests during which force was used213
Number of incidents of force requiring hospitalization1

2019 Use of Force Overview

Source: Santa Rosa Police IAPro database

Number of incidents resulting in force235
Officers involved in UOF incidents411
Officers injured during UOF incidents34
Citizens involved in UOF incidents242
Citizens injured during UOF incidents84
Citizens arrested in conjunction with the use of force213

2019 Use of Force Details

Source: Santa Rosa Police IAPro database

Use of ForceEffective% EffectiveNot Effective% Not EffectiveTotal by Type
Carotid Restraint889%111%9
Control Hold6076%1924%79
Elec Control Device (ECD)1454%1246%26
Improvised Impact Weapon150%150%2
K9 Apprehend - Bite1083%217%12
K9 Apprehend - No Bite00%00%0
Less Lethal 40mm Weapon1100%00%1
Maximum Restraints8398%22%85*
Chemical Agents3100%00%3
Personal Body Weapons7783%1617%93*
Sage Less Lethal Gun150%150%2

*May involve multiple officers in an incident or multiple uses of force.

2019 Reasons for Use of Force

Reason for Use of ForceCount%
Assaulting another person42%
Assaulting an officer2611%
Harming one’s self63%
Damaging property21%
In progress crime/ incident219%
Resisting arrest/ detention16369%
Threatening assault136%

Race* and Gender of Involved Individuals for 2019 Use of Force Incidents

Source: Santa Rosa Police IAPro database

About the data: 242 persons were involved in the 235 incidents that resulted in the use of force. Six (6) incidents involved the use of force with more than one person, adding seven (7) more people than the number of incidents.

RaceNumber of individuals Involved% of Total
Native American20.83%

*Terms used originate from third-party software. Terms will be updated as new reporting functionality is implemented in compliance with the Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA).