Planning Application Portal

The Planning and Economic Development Department has revised all Planning Applications. A Planning Application is required for many new development projects, including the commencement of a new use, the construction of a new building (except for detached single-family homes on flat sites), and many exterior building modifications.

The new Planning Applications provide guidance regarding each required information and plans and eliminate the need to duplicate project and contact section information section on multiple forms.

Before submitting any forms or documentation review the City of Santa Rosa’s Universal Digital File Standards and ensure that all submitted digital files comply with these standards. 

If you already know what forms you may need, please visit the Planning Forms page for a full list.


Step 1 – Prepare Application Forms

Forms are City documents which must be completed for each application. Prior to submitting, please review each form to ensure all text and signatures boxes have been addressed. You may wish to review the application fees which will be due at the time of application submittal.

Step 2 – Assemble Project Information

1. Select Project Information Checklist(s)

Select each necessary Project Information Checklist marked on Page 2 of the Universal Application Form. All required checklists must be submitted in conjunction with all other forms, information, and plans.

  • Annexation Prezoning
  • Concept Design Review
  • Concept Landmark Alteration
  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Density Bonus
  • Design Review
  • Entitlement Extension
  • General Plan Amendment
  • Hillside Development Permit
  • Home Occupation
  • Landmark Alteration Permit
  • Modification of Final Map/Parcel Map
  • Neighborhood Meeting
  • Public Convenience or Necessity
  • Public Information Services
  • Rezoning
  • Sign Permit
  • Sign Permit - Temporary
  • Sign Program
  • Sign Variance
  • Temporary Use Permit
  • Tentative Map or Tentative Parcel Map
  • Tree Removal Permit
  • Utility Certificate
  • Vacation of Easement or Right of Way
  • Waiver of Parcel Map
  • Zoning Clearance
  • Zoning Clearance - Cannabis

2. Assemble Documents

Required documents are all required project information that would not be included on a required plan sheet. The necessary documents are specific to each Planning Checklist, in addition to the scope of the project. These may include technical reports, maps, photographs, or City Worksheets including: Storm Water Determination Worksheet, Traffic Operation Analysis Guidance , Climate Action Plan Development Worksheet, Tree Permit Table Worksheet, Sign Compliance Worksheet and Sign Table Worksheet.  Each of the submitted documents must conform to the Document Requirements and Digital File Requirements

3. Assemble Plan Set Components

Required plans are provided by the project applicant for a specific project. The necessary plans are specific to the Planning Checklist, in addition to the scope of the project. Each of the submitted plans must conform to the Plan Sheet Requirements and Digital File Requirements.

Step 3 – Submit Application

The City has an adopted fee schedule which is subject to revisions on January 1 and July 1 of each year. Please determine your application fees by viewing the Fee Schedule and be prepared to make the necessary payment following application submittal.

Once all necessary forms, checklists, documents and plan set components have been compiled, you are ready to submit. Applications must be submitted in an electronic format following the City’s Universal Digital File Requirements to For instructions on submitting digital project applications that exceed ± 20MB in total file size, please contact Senior Planner Andrew Trippel at

A City of Santa Rosa employee will contact you regarding your fee payment.

General questions or requests associated planning applications can be directed to or (707) 543-3200.