Daniela Pavone Candidate Statement 

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District 7 Candidate
Daniela Pavone


2705 Barndance Ln.
Santa Rosa, CA  95407 

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Website: www.Pavonefor7th.com 

What a time to be running for an elected office! This is a year when the world is braced and collectively holding its breath. Between the pandemic, economic collapse, political upheavals, crop shortages, toilet paper shortages, racial divides, joblessness and homelessness in staggering numbers, we need everyone to become politically active, so we can work together for the better tomorrow that I know will come.

As an attorney, I’ve built a reputation as a strong negotiator who fights hard for the best interests of my clients. I understand that tackling any complex issue or disagreement requires nuanced and varying degrees of compassion and tough-love, and the ability to comprehend issues with speed and efficiency. I plan on using my skills and knowledge to help guide our city towards recovery and prosperity.

I have a diverse background to draw from when needing to think outside the box. Out of college, I jumped into television production, where I learned how to deftly negotiate around deals and fragile egos. I developed physical grit while wrestling a fish down a sick elephant seal’s throat during my volunteer days at a marine mammal care center in San Pedro, Ca. I developed mental grit years later, as I spent months in preparation for the California Bar exam, while still trying to maintain my academic record of excellence at law school. I learned love through my family, and compassion through my community. I certainly can’t be a worse politician than so many representing that profession lately.

I’m fully aware that I was given opportunities not available for others, but I also know I made the most out of every opportunity available. I chose not to squander a single one, because nothing would be more demeaning to those without the same chances in life than someone like me wasting mine. I’m now looking to pay it forward.

What you will get from me as a candidate is someone who is both a tree-hugger and business owner. I have drive, but my ambitions have a ceiling, while the love I have for the world and those around me is limitless. I will use reason and logic, combined with the most up-to-date information available to attack issues, but I will balance that right-brain thinking with compassion, making sure that the underlying motivation for all my decisions is the overall welfare of those who would be affected.

Santa Rosa is home. My children’s preschool, my work office, and my home are all in the 7th district. Here, all of our lives are linked, whether we like it or not. While aware of some issues that are unique to the 7th, I am looking forward to hearing the concerns of its other residents, so we might tackle these issues together. We are stronger when united.

Join me in rebuilding Santa Rosa together.