Structure Safety Assessment Map

Structure Safety Assessments

Post-fire structure safety assessments are an important step in evaluating the safety concerns of structures. These assessments allow community members to occupy safe homes and businesses, and ensures that people are prohibited from entering unsafe structures. The inspectors who perform the assessments are experienced building construction and engineering professionals that are certified by the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES). The map below shows the results of the safety assessments, on parcels in the City of Santa Rosa, impacted by the 2020 Glass Fire. 

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Property Tagging

Upon returning to your property you will see one of three different tags posted by the City of Santa Rosa’s Building Department – a Green Tag, a Yellow Tag, or a Red Tag. Depending on how your property is tagged, it will determine if it is habitable or not.

Houses that do not have a tag were NOT inspected and are assumed to be safe, due to no surrounding damaged structures or vegetation. Vegetation may have burned up to the building and did not appear to have caused damage. If damage is suspected or discovered, please follow the guidance available below in the section titled "Steps to Perform a Full Assessment and Necessary Repairs" or download the guidance HERE.

Those tags include:

Safe for Occupancy

  • Lawful occupancy permitted
  • Structure is is safe to live in
Habitable, Repairs Necessary

  • Lawful occupancy permitted
  • Structure is safe to live in; however, the home needs repairs that will require permits from the City
Do Not Enter / Limited Entry

  • Structure is destroyed or unsafe
  • Do NOT enter or occupy
  • Red Tags with “Do Not Enter” mean the occupants may NOT enter the property for any purpose
  • Red Tags with “Limited Entry” allow the occupants to access the property to search for valuables at THEIR OWN RISK.