Neighborhood Nuisance Remedies

The City of Santa Rosa has adopted a number of ordinances over the years to create and maintain a healthy, safe, and pleasant city. It also enforces certain State laws intended to accomplish similar goals.

To increase awareness of City codes and services, and to promote safe, healthy, and attractive neighborhoods, the City has developed this information. If you would like more information about these ordinances or services, please contact the appropriate City department.
Car with lots of damage in a junk yard

Recommendations on What to Do About a Neighborhood Problem

First, talk, if appropriate, to your neighbor or property owner and ask for their cooperation. Then, if your "Good Neighbor" effort fails, call the City and:
  • Identify the specific problem or nuisance
  • Give your name, address, and telephone number.
  • Give the exact location of the problem
  • Street address and house number, nearest cross street
  • If no address, location of property; i.e., northwest comer of First and Main Streets.
Give a specific description of the problem. For example:
  • Vehicle license number, type, color, make of vehicle, damage or other features that may be unique to the vehicle
  • State if the vehicle is on the street or on private property
  • Type of debris, car parts, building material, tires, garbage
  • Selling clothes, bags, furniture, paintings, flowers, etc.
  • Address where the dog lives
  • Address where loud parties are held


Thank you for your help in making Santa Rosa a better place to live.

This information is intended to aid the citizens of Santa Rosa in locating City services. It is not intended to establish a legal standard for civil or criminal liability. For more precise and complete information, the appropriate City department or applicable law should be consulted.

Contact Information

To contact a department directly, please use the Staff Directory.