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Santa Rosa’s public water system delivers safe, clean drinking water to our community’s tap 24/7, 365 days a year. Learn more about where your water comes from, the people that work behind the scenes to monitor, operate, and maintain your water system, and the infrastructure that is needed for you to make a cup of coffee, take a shower, wash clothing, grow a garden, and moreLearn more about this essential and invaluable resource by watching the three-part Value of Water series below from Santa Rosa Water and taking the I <3 Water pledge.  

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Part 1: Get to Know Your Water & Our Watershed

We all know that water is a precious resource, but how well do you know the water that comes through your tap? Do you know where it comes from? How it gets to your home? What about what happens after it goes down the drain? Water is essential to our lives, the economy, and our safety. Check out these videos to learn more. 

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Part 2: Before the Tap & After the Flush

Before you turn on your tap and after every flush there are hundreds of hardworking people. All dedicated to protecting your health and the health of our watershed. When you pay your water bill each month you not just paying for the water that comes out of your tap or each toilet flush. You are investing in people, infrastructure, and our watershed. These critical investments are necessary for supplying a safe and reliable drinking water supply, as well as collecting, cleaning, and reusing water for homes and businesses in Santa Rosa.  

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Part 3: Our Water Story and Investing in Infrastructure

Did you know that the history of our Santa Rosa Water spans more than 150 years? Every single gallon of water our customers use and reuse is possible because of our community’s long-term investments into a safe and reliable public water system. It was in 1866 that Santa Rosa’s first organized drinking water system was formed.  To learn more about our City's commitment to protecting public health and the environment, watch the third episode of our Value of Water series: Our Water Story & Investing in Infrastructure

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Water System Map

Santa Rosa Water Facts & Figures

  • Serving 175,000 customers 
  • Delivering 6 billion gallons of safe, clean drinking water each year 
  • Maintaining over 1,200 miles of water and sewer pipe
  • Operating 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant 
  • Investing $30 million each year in infrastructure improvements
  • Santa Rosa's public water system is valued at nearly $5 billion 

Dependable, High-Quality Water Service

Every day, around the clock, Santa Rosa Water delivers safe, clean, high quality drinking water through extensive infrastructure systems conveniently to your tap. 

Where Our Water Comes From

About 95% comes from the Russian River. The City of Santa Rosa purchases most of the City’s drinking water from Sonoma Water. Sonoma Water collects naturally filtered drinking water from deep wells along the Russian River and delivers it the City through underground aqueducts (large pipes) that connect to the City of Santa Rosa’s water system. The City also uses its own groundwater wells to help meet demand, especially during during hot, dry summer months.

Where Our Water Goes 

After water is used by homes and businesses and captured in the City's sewer collection system it is conveyed to the City's Laguna Treatment Plant that produced recycled water and biosolids that are beneficially reused. 

Your Water Rates

Want to learn more more about where your water comes from and how water and sewer rates are set? CLICK HERE

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