The Value of Your Water


Episode 1: Get to Know Your Water & Our Watershed

We all know that water is a precious resource, but how well do you know the water that comes through your tap? Do you know where it comes from? How it gets to your home? What about what happens after it goes down the drain? Water is essential to our lives, the economy, and our safety. Check out these videos to learn more. 

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COMING SOON - Episode 2: Before the Tap & After the Flush

Before you turn on your tap and after every flush there are hundreds of hardworking people. All dedicated to protecting your health and the health of our watershed. When you pay your water bill each month you not just paying for the water that comes out of your tap or each toilet flush. You are investing in people, infrastructure, and our watershed. These critical investments are necessary for supplying a safe and reliable drinking water supply, as well as collecting, cleaning, and reusing water for homes and businesses in Santa Rosa.  

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Your Water Rates

Want to learn more more about where your water comes from and how water and sewer rates are set? CLICK HERE