Downtown Station Area Historic Resource Evaluation


Project Overview

The City of Santa Rosa recently updated its Downtown Station Area Specific Plan (DSASP) with the objective of increasing housing units and streamlining development. The DSASP includes a policy that requires the City to prepare an historic context statement and complete a comprehensive historic resource survey (also known as an Historic Resource Evaluation, or HRE) to locate, identify, and document structures and sites within the Downtown Station Area that may qualify for nomination to the California Register of Historical Resources or the National Register of Historic Places, or that may otherwise be of local significance.

The HRE will allow Santa Rosa to identify, within the Downtown Station Area, significant cultural and historic resources which encourage tourism, economic development, and the celebration of the City’s unique character. The work will also increase understanding of and appreciation for the built environment as a tangible reminder of Santa Rosa’s heritage. The HRE will also serve to streamline infill housing development by showing which Downtown Station Area sites are historically significant and which sites do not require additional historic resource evaluation.

Ways to Get Involved

Identify housing development sites in the Downtown while preserving important historical and cultural community spaces!

The City’s Planning and Economic Development Department is performing a historic resource evaluation for portions of downtown to determine which downtown spaces hold historic or cultural significance. This evaluation is meant to streamline housing development on sites which are not found to contain historically significant properties, as well as provide the opportunity to protect historic resources. Tell us your story about a significant, or overlooked, landmark or site and use the interactive map to plot places you believe helped mold the City into what it is today by going to our Let's Connect SR page.

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