Step 3:  Permitting & Review

A key milestone in building your new home will be applying for and getting your building and associated permits. While all new construction must meet federal, state and local standards, the City of Santa Rosa has found ways to significantly expedite the review process for Resilient City properties. The best way to save time and money is to first work with your design professional to ensure your submittal packet is 100% complete.


  • Work with design professional to complete submittal packet
  • Meet with Building Department for review
  • Select and hire a licensed contractor

Residents should expect to pay approximately $3,000 to $4,000 in review fees. Review timelines will vary depending on how extensive your design changes are. Those with minimal to no changes to their original design should expect less than a week, while those with major alterations, accessory dwelling units, or a new design could take 2 to 3 weeks for review. 

If submitting plans electronically, please see the Electronic Submittal Policy for guidelines and requirements. 

Upon review, most residents should expect either an approved set of permits or permits that will require deferred submittals. 

Deferred submittals will allow you to begin the construction process while continuing to work with the Building Department to resolve any outstanding code or planning requirements. 


  • Little or no design change
  • The same footprint
  • The same elevation
  • The same location on the lot
  • Less than 1 week with complete plans and documents
  • No impact fees required

  • Minor or moderate design changes
  • The same or nearly the same footprint
  • The same or nearly the same elevation
  • The same or nearly the same location
  • Some interior or exterior changes from the original layout
  • 1-3 weeks with complete plans and documents
  • No impact fees required

  • Large scale changes
  • Changing the footprint, elevation, layout, or location on lot
  • Addition of Accessory Dwelling Unit
  • Requires additional time to review design
  • 3-5 weeks with complete plans and documents
  • No impact fees required