STEP 4: Construction & Inspections

It’s time to get started on your new home. Your selected contractor will help guide your building process and schedule. For the most part, your home will get built from the ground up starting with grading, groundwork, and foundation work. Then framing and wrapping up with walls, details and landscaping. 

While your contractor is leading you through the building process, they will also be helping coordinate a series of milestone-based inspections. These ensure each step of your new home meets code standards and keeps the progress moving. Residents should prepare for approximately $2,000 to $3,000 in inspection fees. 

If your permit was issued with deferred submittals, you will be working with your design professional to resolve any remaining issues without slowing down your construction timeline. 


  • Work with your contractor to manage building schedule
  • Coordinate with your contractor to schedule and manage inspections
  • If any deferred submittals are unresolved with the Building Department, work with your design professional to complete

As your contractor is nearing completion, they can help you coordinate with City staff to ensure the timely activation of your sewer and water utilities, as well as your final inspection.