Requirements for Plan Submittals for Rebuilding Single Family Dwellings 

1.  Complete a Building Permit Application found HERE

2.  Provide all plans and documents described in the Construction Document Submittal Requirements for New Single Family Dwellings, located HERE.

Permits cannot be issued until the Cleanup/Debris Removal Process has been completed and all documentation and testing information has been received and approved by the City.

If substantial changes from original footprint, square footage, or elevation are not proposed, only 3 sets of plans and 2 sets of supporting documentation are required.

If submitting plans electronically, please see the digital submittal guidelines and requirements.

  1. 1. Dwelling Configuration
  2. 2. Square Footages
  3. 3. Foundation
  4. 4. Landscape/Irrigation
  5. 5. Survey
  6. 6. Fire Sprinklers
  7. 7. Backflow Prevention
  8. 8. Water Flow
  9. 9. Sidewalk/Driveway
  10. 10. Slope Analysis

1. A plan sheet identifying the configuration of the previous dwelling on the property that includes:

a.  Original site plan identifying dwelling footprint and all previous dimensions.

b.  Original floor plan (if proposing to alter floor plan from original design).

c.  Original Elevations (if proposing to alter elevations).

If no changes from original footprint, elevations, or floorplan are  proposed; a statement on the front page of the plans must indicate: “No  changes proposed from original footprint, location, floorplan, or  elevations”.