Vehicle Technicians

The Santa Rosa Police Department currently employs two Vehicle Technicians who perform a wide variety of support services for the Field Services Division. Vehicle Technicians are part-time employees who work approximately 20 hours per week. The position is also a temporary assignment for a period of 2 years and is typically filled by students who are interested in a law enforcement career.


The Vehicle Technicians not only service, stock and monitor police vehicles, they perform a wide variety of other duties as well. This position also affords them the opportunity to learn about all aspects of law enforcement, while gaining important experience that will greatly benefit their careers in the future.


They participate in various training exercises such as Driver Training and the Firearms Training Simulator System.


Some of the Vehicle Technician duties include:
  • Documenting mileage of police vehicles (over 100 vehicles)
  • Minor vehicle repairs (charging batteries, etc.)
  • Monitoring and scheduling vehicle repairs
  • Picking up and returning vehicles
  • Scheduling phone and radio repairs
  • Stocking the supply room
  • Taking patrol and unmarked vehicles to and from services and repairs
  • Weekly oil checks of high mileage vehicles
Police patrol car parked in a parking lot with other police cars