Process for Addressing Fire Damaged Structures

The City is working to make sure every home impacted by the Glass fire can recover quickly and completely. In the days after the fires, City staff performed rapid assessments of potentially dangerous properties. 

If a property was marked with a red or yellow placard, the property owner will be required to have a full inspection completed. If a property was marked with a green placard or if the property owner believes the home was not assessed, they may still want to consider a full assessment.

GlassFire Thumbnail_Fire Damaged Structures

Step 1: Get a Detailed Assessment of the Property

The City of Santa Rosa is offering a free detailed assessment for all properties, including detailed results and guidance for any potential fees or permit needs. To schedule your assessment, please call (707) 543-4649

Residents may also hire a qualified professional (licensed contractor, architect, engineer, or building designer) to perform the inspection as well.

Step 2: If Damaged, Prepare Plans

In the event that a property assessment reveals any damage or required repairs, the property owner will need to prepare plans for repair. The City recommends working with a contractor, engineer, or design professional to complete these plans; though the resident can also prepare the plans themselves

TIP: Pay close attention to exterior walls or other elements of a building exposed to heat. Electrical wiring within walls can melt and become dangerous when re-energized.

Step 3: Obtain Permits

It is very likely that some of the required repairs will require a Building Permit prior to starting work. A design or building professional will be able to help property owners complete this application and submittal if the owner prefers. Permit Applications and requirements can be found at here and can be submitted at:

Planning and Economic Development
100 Santa Rosa Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

NOTE: Your City Assessor or qualified professional can help the property owner figure out what repair will require a building permit.