Residential Building Permit Checklist

We’re here to help. We can help to assemble a complete application packet, so you can start your rebuild right. Work with your design professional to ensure your application, plans, and supporting documents are complete to ensure the fastest approvals possible.

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Here's What Your Process Will Look Like

  1. Work with a design professional to assemble a complete submittal packet.
  2. Complete a building permit application, to be found at
  3. Call 707-543-4649
  4. Submit a completed application and permit package to [email protected].
  5. Once your complete plans are received, they will be checked to all necessary division requirements:
    • Planning Division - if discretionary review is required, they will review for conformance to “Conditions of Approval” (C of A).
    • Engineering Division - will review submittal & may require public improvements.
    • Fire Department - will review residential sprinkler design and installation.
    • Utilities - will review for availability, backflow devices, demands, and determine fees, water meter size, etc.
    • Water Conservation - All  new SFD, ADU & Duplexes shall be reviewed for compliance to water conservation ordinances.
  6. Plan check review comments will be compiled by the differing divisions and departments and will be available to the designer/applicant in a timely manner. Some comments may require correction or clarification by the design professional before permits can be issued. Some items will be able to be resolved at the public counter or specified upon the plan as a deferred submittal.
  7. Some requirements, including residential fire sprinklers and landscaping plans, may also be listed as a deferred submittal for review at a later time.

Discretionary review is required for units in hillside areas (over 10% slope), Scenic Corridor, Historical areas and in zones where required. Please check with the recovery center planner for further information or additional restrictions. 

An incomplete packet will not be accepted and will require you to come back at a later time with missing information. 

Allowable method of payment for required fees are Mastercard, VISA, and Discover made online.

NOTE: All parcels originally in Planned or Hillside Developments proposing new structures must comply with original design and development standards for that lot. Adherence to the standards, review, and approval will be determined by the Director of Planning and Economic Development. All planning application and review fees will be waived. All Design Review or Hillside Development structures that alter the originally permitted footprint or building height will be reviewed by the Director of Planning and Economic Development (PED). PED shall notify, by mail, all persons or entities set forth in Section 20.66.020(C)(1) 10 days prior to taking action. There will be no public hearing required. This process will take a minimum of 20 days.

Below are the required documents and you will need to move forward with the Planning and Building Divisions:

To Receive Your Building Permits, You Will Need:

  • 1 Copy of Completed Building Permit Application
  • Complete PDF Signed Sets of Drawings - See the below plan requirements for a detailed checklist of drawing and plan requirements. All plans and drawing must be legible and formatted to a minimum size of 24" x 36”.  
  • Cover Sheet or sheets shall show the original dwelling’s footprint, dimensions, floorplan and elevations
    • If there are no changes from the original footprint, elevation, or floorplan, clearly include the following on the front page: “No changes proposed from original footprint, location, floorplan, or elevations.”
  • PDF of Structural Calculations per (ASCE 41-10) or Design per Conventional Construction Provisions
  • PDF of Energy Calculations (Title 24)
  • PDF of landscape and irrigation plan, can also be noted as deferred submittal to be addressed at a later time. 
  • PDF of survey completed by a licensed surveyor or civil engineer
    • NOTE: If a survey is not provided with the submittal; one will be required and provided at the first inspection, typically foundation/forms/footings/rebar.
  • PDF of Signed CALGreen Support Documentation
  • PDF of Soils Addendum Letter (if pre-exist report on file) and Plan Review Letter From Soils Engineer
  • If in Homeowners Association and subject to review, please obtain approval prior to submittal
  • PDF of a Completed and Signed School District Form
  • Specify on Plan if parcel is located within: High Wind, Flood or Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Area or Zone

Fire sprinkler code upgrades and landscape and irrigation plans will be required on all Resilient City properties. These can be included in the original submittal packet, or noted as a deferred submittal. 

If landscaping and irrigation plans may be a deferred submittal they shall be reviewed and approved by the City prior the first sheetrock inspection. 

Fire sprinklers will be required and shall be listed on the plans as a separate permit and submittal to fire department.

NOTE: Fire sprinkler applications are submitted directly to the Fire Department for review and approval. Issuance of the permit must occur prior to installation of the fire protection system. The Plan Review Permit Application for fire sprinklers can be found at

Plan and Document Requirements

What is in a Complete Set of Drawings?

Submitting an incomplete application packet is likely to cause significant time delays. This guideline has been prepared to help you and your design professional ensure all required information is organized and ready for review. To provide the quickest path to rebuild. All of these steps must be completed to receive your building permit. 

  1. General Information
  2. Building Data
  3. CALGreen Checklist Forms
  4. Energy Compliance Form
  5. Site/Plot Plan
  6. Landscape Irrigation Plans
  7. Grading Plan and Details
  8. Architectural Plans
  9. Exterior Elevations
  10. Architectural Details
  11. Structural Plans
  12. Foundational Plans
  13. Floor Framing Plan
  14. Roof Framing Plan
  15. Structural Details
  16. Photovoltaic Plans
  17. Plumbing Plans
  18. Potential Additional Requirements

General Information 

  • Code Compliance Statement listing applicable codes
  • Project name, address and clear scope of work
  • Owner information: Name Address and Phone Number Designer Information: Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Cover sheet must identify previously existing square footages of structures being replaced
  • Plan Sheet identifying the configuration of the previous dwelling on the property that includes: 
    • Original Site Plan identifying dwelling footprint and all previous dimensions
    • Original Floor Plan (if proposing to alter floor plan)
    • Original Elevations (if proposing to alter elevations)
  • Clear indication that the project will  be fire sprinklered with necessary plans or a note indicating the sprinkler plans will be submitted separately prior to frame inspection
  • Sheet Index of drawings
  • Vicinity Map of  project location