425 Humboldt Street - MAP

425 Humboldt Street

The Project proposes to construct a new eight (8) story mixed-use apartment building, which consists of 95 new residential units in six (6) stories (floors two through eight) over two (2) stories of parking (floors one through two. Ground floor uses also include a lobby with a mezzanine, leasing office, mail and parcel rooms, and an office with mezzanine for a separate tenant. Ground floor amenities may include bicycle storage and pet grooming station. Other amenities may include a fitness area at the lobby mezzanine, an exterior courtyard with BBQ area on floor three (3), and a clubhouse with exterior deck on floor eight (8). The Project includes a lot merger of parcels located at 431 Humboldt Street and a newly created parcel (425 Humboldt Street).

The Project site is located in the Downtown Santa Rosa Specific Plan Area (DSASP). The CMU (Core Mixed Use) zoning district allows multifamily and mixed uses by right. The Floor Area Ration (FAR) for this site is 8 and there is no maximum height to buildings with buildings assigned an FAR. 

A modification to the previously approved project has been submitted to the Planning and Economic Development Department in accordance with Zoning Code Section 20-54.060 and will be reviewed by the Zoning Administrator during a Special Meeting on Wednesday, July 7, 2021, at or after 5:00 PM. The modifications requested include:

  1. Removal of the sixth residential floor on both of the building’s towers. This reduces the overall height of both towers from approximately eighty-six (86’) feet to approximately seventy-seven (77’) feet. The building now includes five residential floors over a two-story parking, office space, and lobby podium.
  2. Four bays on the facades and porches of the residential floors that extended into the interior courtyard toward the north of the sky bridges connecting the building’s towers are replaced with porches. We expect the visual effect will be similar. Even so, the porches will continue to break up the wall planes and will be visible from certain south facing units of the adjacent apartment building located at 670 Seventh Street; they will not be visible from the street.
  3. Increasing the number of units on the first four residential floors from 16 to 18 and 14 to 16 on the top floor for a total of 88 units. This reduces the number of total units from 94 to 88. The unit mix replaces two very large two bedroom, two bath doubles on each floor with two studios and two one bedroom units on each floor. The new unit mix is included on sheets 55 and 58 of the accompanying submittals. In both cases the top floor has two fewer units than the lower floors because it includes an entertainment room and deck.
  4. Reconfiguring all ten two bedroom units so that the kitchen, dining, and living room areas are between the bedrooms, each of which has a bathroom en suite. This increases the resident’s privacy and, potentially, the number of residents.
  5. Changes in the number of units and the configuration of those north of the sky bridges have resulted in changes to the windows in units located off the central courtyard to the north of the sky bridges. None of those windows are visible from the street.
  6. Please note that none of these changes affect the building’s fire safety exiting nor any other fire safety requirement. Neighborhood impacts, including shadows and traffic will be reduced as a result of the lower height and fewer units. In particular, light available to residents in the adjacent apartment building and the small, adjacent structure located at 421 Humboldt Street will be slightly improved.