Fifth Street Parking Garage Public Art

Fifth Street Parking Garage Final_Mural

Help Each Other Grow, by Rough Edge Collective founders MJ Lindo-Lawyer and Joshua Lawyer, was installed on the Fifth Street Parking Garage in downtown Santa Rosa in June of 2022. The site-specific mural was selected by a jury panel comprised of downtown residents, downtown businesses, the Art in Public Places Committee, arts professionals, and the City’s Parking Division. It was commissioned the City of Santa Rosa Public Art Program. A dedication ceremony was held on Friday, August 19, 2022.


A Call for Artists was issued in early 2021 with a deadline of March 29 to submit qualifications. After an initial selection process, three finalists were identified and invited to submit design proposals. The opportunity is for an artist or team of artists to design and execute a site-specific public art for the southwest exterior wall (facing Orchard Street and Fifth Street) of the Fifth Street Parking Garage in downtown Santa Rosa. The goal of this completed project is to draw positive attention to and increase the visibility of the Fifth Street Garage, which even regular visitors to the downtown often do not know exists. The art will distinguish the garage from nearby structures, serve as a wayfinding element through identification and draw people to the site. The artwork will improve the aesthetics of the garage as seen from the street and by pedestrians. 


ELLE Streetart
Matthew Floriani
Rough Edge Collective (MJ Lindo-Lawyer and Joshua Lawyer)*

*Selected Artist


This commission was open to practicing, professional artists residing in Northern California. Sonoma County artists were encouraged to apply.


The Fifth Street Parking Garage is located at 735 Fifth Street on the north side of Fifth between Beaver Street and Orchard Street in downtown Santa Rosa, and sometimes referred to as “Parking Garage 3”.

The “canvas” for this project is to be contained within the exterior wall space with an approximate maximum dimension of 901 square feet, of which 670 square feet is concrete surfaces and 231 square feet is open to the parking on each floor. 2D materials, such as painted murals or other flat applications are encouraged, however, 3D materials including light-based installations will be considered with proper engineering and mounting/installation. The public artwork should consider the existing landscaping and hardscape, lighting, and viewer’s perspective.

There are two points of vehicle access into the garage on Beaver and Orchard Streets and pedestrian access on Fifth Street. This opportunity has identified an exterior, southwest facing wall to be the site of the public art.

Built in 1982, the Fifth Street Garage serves the northeast section of downtown Santa Rosa. The garage has five floors dedicated to parking and contains a total of 708 vehicle spaces. Santa Rosa is the largest city in Sonoma County with an estimated population of 177,586. The city operates as the county seat and serves a wider county population of 500,000.


The total available funding for the project was $20,000 (all inclusive – design and construction). The project was funded by the Public Art and Parking District Funds.

This amount is inclusive of all costs associated with this public art project including, but not limited to, artist fees, other consultants’ and subcontractors’ fees, insurance, engineering, permits, materials, fabrication, transportation, installation (including any site modification beyond City responsibility), artwork plaque and post installation documentation.