353 College Ave Cannabis Dispensary (GreenPen) - MAP

353CollegeAve Header Image Parking Map

Resubmittal of revised Green Pen Dispensary: Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensary and Delivery (State License Type 10) facility within the building at 353 College Avenue, Santa Rosa. The revised Project includes the adjacent property located at 349 1/2 which burned and was demolished in 2020, and is proposed to be a parking lot to add six (6) new parking spaces for the purposes of the dispensary. The front building located at 349 College Avenue is to remain. The proposed site is zoned GC-H (General Commercial-Historic) and is within the Ridgway Historic Preservation District. The entire facility is approximately 2,943 SF. The SF breakdown is 1,772 for Retail, 338 for Storage, 914 for Office/Employee/Admin/Delivery Operations.