Planning Division

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Development Review Team

The Planning Division's Development Review team provides information on land use, zoning and site development standards and processes applications for land use permits and land divisions. The Planning Division's Advance Planning team also performs long range planning activities, including development and administration of the City's General Plan.

Planning Review Times and Process 

Access the document here to review current planning review times and to learn about the planning review process. 

Approved Projects and Projects Under Review

Advance Planning & Public Policy

The Advance Planning and Public Policy Division of Planning & Economic Development performs long-range planning activities related to the physical growth and development of the City. 


The mission of the Advance Planning and Public Policy team is to:
  • Initiate planning efforts in advance so that the public and public policy makers can make informed decisions.
  • Apply strategic thinking and analysis of physical, social, and economic conditions and trends to a wide variety of land use issues.
  • Provide strategic support to operating departments in furtherance of their missions.


The Advance Planning responsibilities include:
  • Administration and updating of the city’s General Plan
  • Analysis of land use and housing issues, policies, regulations and practices
  • Preparation of information resource reports
  • Development and maintenance of citywide land use data