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Geysers Recharge Pipeline 

Celebrating 20 Years of Clean Energy and Environmental Excellence!  
Since 2003, the City of Santa Rosa has pumped 11 million gallons per day of recycled water from the Laguna Treatment Plant to The Geysers steamfields via the 41-mile long Geyser Recharge Pipeline. The Geysers steam fields, high in the Mayacmas Mountains, generate enough clean and renewable electricity for 100,000 households in Sonoma and other North Bay counties.

The City of Santa Rosa developed the Geysers Recharge Project, which has been recognized and lauded worldwide, as a weather-independent component of their reuse system. Other reuse components include agriculture and urban irrigation, and river discharge in winter months when irrigation opportunities are minimal and water levels are high.

The Geysers Recharge Project consists of a 41-mile-long pipeline, four pump stations, and a terminal tank located high in the Mayacmas Mountains.

Geysers Fact Sheets

  1. Geysers Recharge Project - Facts and Statistics (PDF)
  2. Geysers Recharge Project - Steam to Electricity (PDF)