Apply for a Grant

The Santa Rosa Fire Department periodically offers funds for projects in and near fire-threatened neighborhoods to reduce the fuel load and improve our resiliency to wildfire. Review the following projects below to see what your property qualifies for. 

Available Projects and Activities: 

  • Fuel Reduction Along Evacuation Routes Program
    • Includes the removal and/or treatment of vegetation and fuel along specific segments of the following evacuation routes : Alta Vista Avenue between Osage Avenue and Montecito Avenue., Brush Creek Roa between Highway 12 and Badger Road., Calistoga Road between Badger Road and Harville Road., Chanate Road between Fountaingrove Parkway and Murdock Drive., Cross Creek Road between Meadowcroft Way and Markwest Springs Road., Fountaingrove Parkway between Brush Creek Road and Kendall Hill Road, Los Olivos Road between Brush Creek Road and Montecito Avenue., Montecito Avenue between Norte Way and Chanate Road., and Montgomery Drive between Los Alamos Road and Jackson Drive. Work anticipated to begin in the spring of 2024.
    • Access the application and apply online here.
    • Questions about this grant may be directed to Assistant Fire Marshal Jared McDaniel at [email protected] or 707-543-3549. 
  • Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Fuel Modification Program

Ongoing City Efforts to Reduce Wildfire Risk: 

  • PG&E Settlement Funds
    • $8 million of the City’s $95 million PG&E 2017 wildfire settlement funds is allocated following uses:
      • $5.25 million for implementation of a 5-year Vegetation Management Program using the City’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan as a roadmap to reduce the risk of wildfires locally through evacuation route improvements, community wildfire education, wildfire and evacuation preparedness, structural hardening of the built environment, vegetation treatments to reduce wildfire threat, implementation of defensible space standards and increased staffing dedicated to the wildfire mitigation workload.
      • $2.75 million for implementation of the Fire Department’s Wildland Resiliency and Response Strategic Plan. This plan provides additional resources to legislative efforts, community engagement and education, and additional wildland firefighting apparatus and equipment to significantly improve the Fire Department’s capacity and abilities to prevent, mitigate, and respond to wildland fires using current staffing and fire stations.
      • In the spring of 2022, Santa Rosa City Council allocated an additional $1.25 million from the PG&E settlement funds to cover the local cost share of the two federal vegetation management program grants.
  • Prescribed Burns
    • No prescribed burns are planned at this time within the City of Santa Rosa.
    • Prescribed vegetation management burns are carefully planned and must meet strict criteria for ecological benefit, weather parameters, smoke management, and fire safety guidelines. When all conditions are met, trained wildland firefighters conduct the burn while monitoring the set criteria, fire behavior, and designated fire control lines. Prescribed burns must also comply with the requirements of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.
    • Click on the corresponding FAQs below for more information about prescribed burns:
  1. Are there other words used to describe prescribed burns?

Yes, prescribed burns are also sometimes referred to as Rx fires, prescribed fires, controlled burns, hazard reduction burns, vegetation management burns, or planned burns.

  1. Will Santa Rosa conduct prescribed burns alone?
  1. What happens if we don’t have prescribed burns?
  1. Will I be notified before a prescribed burn occurs in my community?
  1. Why can’t we use grazing?