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Understand the Wildland Urban Interface - Areas at Higher Risk of Wildfire 

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Santa Rosa's Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Area Map

Interactive Map by the City of Santa Rosa - Look up your address to determine if your home resides in the City's Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI).
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Firewise Communities: Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Hazards

Brochure by the Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Working Team of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group - Provides individuals and organizations involved or interested in preventing wildland/urban interface fire disasters with concepts, recommendations, and resources that may be used to assess and mitigate wildfire hazards in WUI areas.

Protect Your Home from Wildfire - Home Hardening & Landscaping Guidance


AB 38 Property Sales 

Guidance for Santa Rosa realtors and property owners related to the requirements of State Assembly Bill 38.

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CAL Fire: One Less Spark 

CAL Fire public education website - Provides an overview of important everyday preventative measures that should be followed to avoid starting a potential wildfire.

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READY, SET, GO! Your Personal Wildland Protection Guide

Guide by Fire Safe Sonoma - Provides ways to retrofit your home and build a defensible space around your home.
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Fire Safe Sonoma

Fire Safe Sonoma's website - This local nonprofit's mission is to increase awareness of wildfire issues in our county and help local residents and firefighting agencies to achieve improved wildfire safety

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Homeowner's Guide to Fire Safe Landscaping

Brochure by the Santa Rosa Fire Department - A seven-step guide to proper landscaping to protect your home from brush fire provided by the City of Santa Rosa.

The Combustibility of Landscape Mulches

Guide by the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension - Explains how, despite the positive attributes, many mulches are combustible, a major drawback when used in home landscapes located in wildfire-prone areas. Provides recommendations concerning the use of mulches in wildfire hazard areas.

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Living with Fire in Sonoma County, a Guide for the Homeowner

Guide provided by Fire Safe Sonoma - Provides guidance on creating defensible space around a home and other pre-emptive measures that a homeowner can take before a wildfire strikes.
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Ready, Set, Go! Wildfire Safety Video

Video by Cal FIRE - Explains that if you choose to live near a natural area of the state, you are at risk for wildfires and it's your responsibility to prepare yourself, your family, and your home. That preparation starts with three simple steps: READY, SET, GO!

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Low Cost Home Retrofit Checklist

Checklist by Cal Fire - Provides 10 low-cost ways you can harden your home, and 5 no-cost ways to create a defensible space around your home.
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Wildfire Home Retrofit Guide

Guide by Cal Fire - Provides extensive and specific recommendations for how to retrofit existing components of a home to withstand wildfire.

Wildfire Ready Workshops

City of Santa Rosa hosted virtual workshop series - Each webinar focuses on a different topic related to wildfire season.

Prepare Yourself and Your Family for a Wildfire - Emergency Preparedness

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Ready Santa Rosa

City of Santa Rosa Online Evacuation Toolkit - Determine which Santa Rosa Designated Evacuation Zone you reside in, ensure you know all of the ways out of your neighborhood and take actions now to be ready in the event you ever have to leave your home due to an emergency evacuation. 

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CAL Fire: Wildfire Ready

Cal Fire website - Provides guidance on what to do before, during and after a wildfire.  
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SoCo Emergency

County of Sonoma Emergency information - Provides emergency preparedness and real-time information in the event of an emergency in Sonoma County.
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National Fire Protection Association

NFPA website - Information provided by the leading association on fire preparedness and other related hazards. 
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Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website - Provides information on wildfire emergency preparedness.