Report Walking/Bicycling Issues

Please use the links and phone numbers below to report non-emergency issues related to walking and bicycling infrastructure. Use the City Service Finder and/or MySantaRosa if your issue isn't listed below. Always dial 9-1-1 for emergencies or potential emergency situations.

  • Bike lane restriping: Request form
  • Potholes: MySantaRosa
  • Sidewalk damage: MySantaRosa
  • Street sweeping: 800-243-0291
  • Street trees/vegetation: 707-543-3770
  • Traffic signals (including bicycle detection): 707-543-3800
  • Waste bins blocking bike lanes: Report form

Multi-Use Pathways

The following multi-use pathways and trails within the City of Santa Rosa are owned and maintained by other agencies.

  • Creek Trails (except Prince Memorial Greenway between Santa Rosa Ave - Pierson St): 707-523-1070
  • Joe Rodota Trail: 707-565-2041
  • SMART Trail: 707-794-3330

Questions or Feedback

For questions or feedback about this page or walking/bicycling-related maintenance issues, please contact Bjorn Griepenburg, Active Transportation Planner: