Stony Point Flats - MAP

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This project proposes to construct a new 50-unit affordable multifamily development on an undeveloped 2.9-acre parcel. The project includes the construction of bike storage, laundry facilities, tech center, fitness facilities, and outdoor amenities such as barbecue and playground facilities. Solar panels will be installed on top of the two main residential structures which will allow the project to operate at net zero energy in accordance with Title 24.

The project is located within the Roseland Priority Development Area, which reduces the review authority for certain residential projects to the Zoning Administrator pursuant to Zoning Code Section 20-16.070. However, to facilitate a more comprehensive review of the proposed application, the Planning Director is acting to elevate discretionary review of PRJ21-012 from Zoning Administrator to Design Review Board at a public hearing. This decision to elevate is based upon authority granted to the Planning Director by Zoning Code Section 20-60.080. The project’s file number is PRJ21-012. 

For questions or to provide comments, please contact Conor McKay, City Planner at [email protected] or (707) 543-4351.