City Charter Review 2022

*Important Updates*

What is a City Charter?

A Charter is, in essence, a constitution for a city. It sets forth the main principles of the City government and can be amended at any time with approval of the voters. For example, the City of Santa Rosa’s Charter has sections establishing the seven member City Council, the selection and powers of the mayor, key staff positions for public safety and others, rules on board participation, and even how water and sewer rates are reviewed, among others. Review the City Charter.

Why is the Charter being reviewed?

The Charter has been amended periodically and, most recently, was updated through the work of a Charter Review Committee in 1994, 2002 and 2012. In fact, section 12 of the Charter itself states the review must occur approximately every ten years. That review is now getting underway, and the framework for the Committee’s work is now being developed.

How will it be reviewed?

The Charter will be reviewed through a City Council-appointed committee. At this time, Council is in the process of appointing committee members for the purpose of City Charter review. The August 3 City Council Study Session helped determine how that committee may proceed in its formation and its possible duties.

The Council has committed to a new Charter Review Committee comprised of a diversity of City residents. The Committee will be charged with review of current Charter provisions and recommendations for revisions. 

How can I get involved?

1) Apply to become a Charter Review Committee Member.
Apply Here (English form / Spanish form). Upon completion of the application, please e-mail to: Appointments are expected to be made by early September.

2) Check back on this page often!
Please come back to this page in the future to learn more about opportunities to help provide feedback to the committee and/or City throughout the review process.

Catch up on past meetings discussing the 2022 City Charter Review

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