Short-Term (Vacation) Rentals

The City's Short-Term Rentals Ordinance requires all operators of short-term rental within city limits to obtain a Short-Term Rental Permit and follow specific operating standards and requirements. A short-term rental (sometimes called a vacation rental) is defined as a residence where the owner rents out a bedroom(s) or the entire property for guests staying 30 days or fewer. In addition, there are differing requirements and standards depending on if the rental property owner lives at the short-term rental (also known as a hosted rental) or if it the property owner does not (a non-hosted rental).

This portion of the City website is designed to help residents interested in applying to become a short-term rental operator, provide rules on maintaining compliance, give information about reporting a violation, and provide information about the next phase in updating the city's short-term rentals ordinance.

Notices Regarding Short-Term Rentals

Non-Hosted Short-Term Rentals Permits Have Been Capped to No More Than 198 Total Citywide

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Check out our FAQ page about short term rentals. For all other questions, email [email protected].