Safe Parking Program

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The Safe Parking Program opened March 7, 2022 and has been authorized for two years of funding. The program provides up to 50 parking spaces for community members who are experiencing homelessness as a place to safely park their vehicle or RV with access to basic services, such as food, sanitation, and shower facilities, as well as wrap-around services to help end participants’ homelessness in alignment with the city’s Housing First Strategy. The program is also meant to lessen the impacts of homelessness on the broader community. 

 Program Funding

Funding for the program, which opened on March 7, 2022, has been authorized for two years from the city’s General Fund and $2 million in one-time monies from the American Rescue Plan Act. Additionally, the County of Sonoma approved a $500,000 funding request from the City to provide wrap-around services for program participants. To learn more, use the following link: Staff Report and City Council Presentation.

Make a Referral to the Program

Given limited space, individuals identified through the City’s Homeless Encampment Assistance Program are currently being prioritized for placement in the Safe Parking Program in coordination with the Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST). To make or receive a referral please call 707-978-8329 or email [email protected] or go to the Homeless Services Center at 301 6th Street (Suite 108). The center is open for referrals Mon.- Wed. and Fri., 6 - 11 a.m. and 1 - 5:30 p.m.

Safe Parking FAQs & Site Map

Contact Us

Answers to frequently asked questions on homelessness and the city's response are available here. To contact the city regarding the Safe Parking Program or with a concern about homelessness, please email us at [email protected]. To receive updates, including updates on meeting times and locations, subscribe to the Homelessness Solutions email list: Click to subscribe