Apply for or Renew a Short-Term Rental Permit

If you are a current Short-Term Rental Permit holder and you are RENEWING your permit, click here to fill out a renewal application and start the process. For new applicants, please follow the steps below.

A Short-Term Rental Permit is required for each property operating as a short-term rental within City limits. To apply for a Short-Term Rental Permit, follow the step-by step-process below.

Please note: the City of Santa Rosa is currently not accepting new applications for permits for Non-Hosted Short-Term Rentals.

Step 1 – Register for TOT/BIA Assessments

The City requires all owners of short-term rentals operating within City limits to register each property for Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) and Santa Rosa Tourism Business Improvement Area (BIA) assessments. You will need the following information to complete the TOT/BIA registration form:

  • Business name and ownership Type (Individual, Partnership, etc.)
  • Property address;
  • Owner contact information;
  • Number of bedrooms to be rented; and
  • Management company name and contact information, if applicable.

To complete the registration process, go to

In addition, an owner of four or more short-term rentals within City limits is required to possess a Business Tax Certificate. Apply for that certificate here.

Step 2 – Prepare Your Application

You will need the following information and documentation to complete the Short-Term Rental Permit Application process:

  • Site (Property) Address and Assessor's Parcel Number.
  • Whether the short-term rental is Hosted or Non-Hosted.
    • Hosted - A short-term rental where where, throughout the Short-Term Rental period, the host lives and sleeps in the dwelling unit or lives and sleeps in another legal dwelling unit on the same parcel, which parcel is the owner’s principal residence. Hosted Short-Term Rentals shall be allowed only in the primary residence on any property containing more than one legal dwelling unit except where allowed in an ADU pursuant to Zoning Code Section 20-48.040(A)(4)(b).
      • Hosted short-term rentals may operate with an approved Short-Term Rental Permit anywhere within City limits.
      • Principal residence is the place where one resides for more than one-half of the year.
    • Non-Hosted (NOTE: the City is not accepting new applications for permits for Non-Hosted STRs- A short-term rental where the host does not live and sleep in the dwelling unit throughout the short-term rental period.
      • Non-Hosted short-term rentals may operate with a Short-Term Rental Permit in the CMU, SMU, MMU, NMU, RR, R-1, PD (where not explicitly prohibited), R-2, R-3, TV-R, CO, CN, CSC, CG, and TVM zoning districts. Use the City's Find Your Zone online zoning tool to determine your zoning district. If the property is in a Planned Development (PD) zone, use the attached instructions to determine if that specific PD zone prohibits Short Term Rentals.
      • The City of Santa Rosa is not currently accepting new applications for permits for Non-Hosted short-term rentals.  Existing Non-Hosted short-term rentals may be renewed.  However, the maximum number of Non-Hosted Short-Term Rental Permits allowed citywide will decrease through attrition when existing Non-Hosted STR Permits are vacated or revoked, or when properties are sold or transferred, with the exception of transfers allowed pursuant to Zoning Code Section 20-48.040(G)(1).
  • Grant Deed. Provide a County Assessor recorded Grant Deed if property ownership or the manner in which title is held has changed within the prior two-year period.
  • Approved Final Inspection. For new construction, a copy of building permit with an approved final inspection from the City of Santa Rosa Building Department. 
  • TOT and BIA Payment Receipts for the prior year (for Permit Renewal). 
  • Copies and status of any Notice of Violation(s) or Administrative Citation(s) received within the prior 12-month period, and receipt(s) for related payment(s). 
  • Evidence of Principal Residency (for New and Renewal Hosted Short-Term Rentals). Please provide the following: 
    1. Two forms of proof of principal residency which may include any of the following: a driver's license or California state identification card, pay-stub from current employer, Voter registration card, motor vehicle registration, insurance bill, tax documents showing the residential unit as the person’s residence, or utility bill for water or electric/gas services (you may only use utility bills as one form of residency confirmation; cable television, cell phone or internet provider bills do not qualify); and
    2. Signed Hosted Short-Term Rental Applicant’s Affidavit.
  • Number of bedrooms to be used for short-term rental activity. Staff will verify that the number of bedrooms included on the Short-Term Rental Permit Application and floor plan are consistent with County Assessor Records (as verified by the City’s GIS system).   Applicants should work with the County Assessor’s Office if there are conflicts in this information.
  • Floor Plan showing each bedroom, and the locations of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and fire extinguisher(s). Please review the Interior Fire Guidance for Short-Term Vacation Rentals to ensure proper quantity and placement of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and fire extinguisher(s). View a floor plan example 
  • Number of off-street spaces available for short-term rental use and whether one on-street parking space will be used to meet parking minimum
  • Site Plan including project name, address, north arrow, and property lines. Show all existing buildings and other on-site structures including decks, pools, fences. Show and provide dimensions for existing garage(s), driveways, and off-street parking spaces available for short-term rental use. Show the location of any proposed on-street parking that will be used to meet minimum parking requirements and the location of paved sidewalks where existing. View a site plan example
    • An on-street parking space must be at least 19 feet in length and located adjacent to the curb and on-site parking spaces must be at least 9 feet in width by 19 feet in length.
  • Property Owner Information
  • Agent Information, if different from Property Owner
  • Local 24-hour Contact, if different from Property Owner or Agent
  • Transient Occupancy Tax Account Number

For questions about definitions and requirements, review our Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 3 – Submit Your Application

*For renewal applications, all submittal requirements listed on the application are required.

Applicants may submit a Short-Term Rental Permit Application by the following means (please note, the City does not accept mailed applications and fees):

  1. Online through Santa Rosa Citizen Access Portal
    • Gather the documents and information listed in Step 2
    • Go to Santa Rosa Citizen Access Portal and create an account. If you already have an account, skip to the next step.
    • In the menu at the top, click on New, then select Planning Permits
    • Select Short-Term Rental Permit
    • Use the documents and information gathered in Step 2 to complete the online application process
  2. By E-mail
    • Gather the documents and information listed in Step 2
    • Applications may be submitted in an electronic format following the City’s Universal Digital File Requirements to [email protected]
    • A City of Santa Rosa employee will contact you regarding your fee payment once your application is received.
  3. In-person appointments