Maintain Compliance and Report Violations


Advertising Requirements

Advertising may only be conducted for short-term rentals operating under a valid Short-Term Rental Permit, except for operators in good standing as defined in Section 20-48.030(O) who may continue to advertise and operate a short-term rental while awaiting City approvals so long as in compliance with Section 20-48.040(B)(1)(a&b). All advertisements, flyers, internet listings, or other methods of offering the short-term rental shall include the following:

  1. Maximum short-term renters; 
  2. Maximum daytime guests;    
  3. Number of dedicated off-street and on-street parking spaces available for use by short-term renters;  
  4. Notification that quiet hours must be observed between 9:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.;  
  5. Notification that no outdoor amplified sound is allowed; and  
  6. The Short-Term Rental Permit number for the property except that operators in good standing, pursuant to Section 20-48.060(B)(1)(a&b), shall use the Transient Occupancy Tax account number until the Short-Term Rental Permit is approved.  

For Properties Associated with an HOA, Check your HOA Rules and Restrictions

It is an applicant’s responsibility to verify whether short-term rental activity is prohibited by their Homeowners Association's (HOA) Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) prior to submitting a Short-Term Rental Permit application.

General Compliance

Short-term rental operators are asked to comply with the ordinance in a variety of ways, including obtaining the proper licensing and permit, remitting TOT/BIA assessments, as well as posting specific checklists and flyers to alert their renters to specific emergency information. 

View the detailed list of general requirements, standards, rules about enforcement to maintain operation of a short-term rental.

Downloads and references for operators to post in the residence:

To post in the rental:

  • Know Your Alerts flier (English / Spanish)
  • Evacuations Checklist (English / Spanish)
    • The name of the designated evacuation zone where the property is located. Visit the following link to look up your property’s zone by address:
  • Map of your property’s neighborhood travel routes that could be used as an evacuation route by public safety officials in the event of an emergency. Visit the following link to locate and print the map for your property’s neighborhood:

Additionally, the rental operation is required to do the following for the safety of their guests:

  • Install a landline telephone or VoIP line with a battery back-up that receives the most current, local “reverse 911” program.
  • Disclose to guests any recording devices (cameras, microphones, etc.) that have been placed on the property.

Reasons a Violation May Be Reported

The following is a list of examples of violations a nearby residence may report as a violation to the local contact or to Code Enforcement: 

  • Sound/Noise violations
    • Quiet hours are maintained from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m.
    • Amplified sound prohibited
  • Capacity/Use violations 
    • Overnight short-term renters: Limited to two people per bedroom and not to exceed 10 people, including children over 3 years old.
    • Daytime guests: Limit to no more than half the number of guests staying overnight (short-term renters) at any one time during the hours of 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (i.e. if 8 short-term renters are allowed by permit, there may be a maximum of 12 people on-site during the daytime hours).
    • Prohibits the use of the property as an event space (wedding, party, corporate event, etc.).
  • Overconcentration of parking requirements. View all parking requirements in the detailed list of requirements
  • Restrictions on recreational and outdoor fires. View all fire requirements in the detailed list of requirements
  • Advertising violations pursuant to Code Section 20-48.070(D).

Please note: the property must remain available for inspection by City staff upon request at any time.

Reporting a Violation

Point-in-time complaints may be directed to the City’s complaint hotline and may additionally be directed to the Local Contact as identified in the Short-Term Rental Permit application (also provided on the mailed notice sent to properties within 600 feet of the short-term rental). Other complaints may be directed to Code Enforcement using the City’s online portal

24/7 Complaint Hotline

(707) 543-3244 (Code Enforcement 24/7Hotline)

When leaving a complaint, callers must provide their contact information. Code Enforcement will keep contact information confidential. Code enforcement has discretion to not respond to any message left without contact information. 

Complaints to Local 

Complaints may also be directed to the local contact. 

A local contact is required to be available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, for the purpose of responding to complaints regarding the condition, operation, or conduct of the Short-Term Rental or its occupants, and for taking any remedial action necessary to resolve such complaints, including visiting the Short-Term Rental, if necessary, within 45 minutes after initial complaint.  It is not intended that the local contact place themselves in an at-risk situation to comply with this requirement. 

To find the local contact of a property:

  1. Go to the city's Citizen Portal here 
  2. Click on Search in the green menu at the top
  3. Click on Planning Application in the submenu when it appears
  4. When the Search for Records screen appears, select "Short Term Rentals" under Record Type
  5. Enter in any other relevant information to assist with the search (the street address, for example)
  6. Click the red button labeled "Search"
  7. Click the record of the property to open the record and locate the local contact info 

Penalties for Violations

Penalties will be assessed for violations of the Short-Term Rental Permit in compliance with Zoning Code Section 20-48.080, Table 48.1, as shown below.   Please note, upon a third verified violation of Zoning Code Chapter 20-48, Short-Term Rentals, within a 12 consecutive month period, a Short-Term Rental Permit will be subject to revocation proceedings pursuant to Zoning Code Section 20-54.100. The Owner of a Short-Term Rental Permit that has been revoked for any reason shall be permanently ineligible for future consideration of a Short-Term Rental Permit on the property that was the subject of the revocation.

Note:  A citation issued for a first-time violation of Zoning Code Section 20-48.070(A)(8) pertaining to advertising or listing requirements shall not include a fine. The issuance of an administrative citation for any violation of Zoning Code Chapter 20-48, Short-Term Rentals, including a first-time violation of Section 20-48.070(A)(8), or for a violation of any other applicable local, State, or Federal law, shall constitute a verified violation for purposes of Section 20-48.080(C).

Short-term rental owners who wish to contest a violation should contact Code Enforcement.