Report a Violation

The City’s Short-Term Rentals Ordinance became effective October 13, 2021. It is expected that existing short-term rental owners are currently working toward achieving compliance with the permitting requirement and operational standards included in the Short-Term Rentals Ordinance.

If a resident believes that a short-term rental is being operated in violation of the Short-Term Rental Ordinance, or with any of the regulations listed on the "Maintain Compliance for a Short-Term Rental" Page, or with the City-provided Short-Term Rental Requirements document, or any other provisions of the Santa Rosa City Code, they may file a complaint with Code Enforcement.

Complaint Process

Initial Complaints Shall be Directed to the Local Contact

Initial short-term rental complaints shall be directed to the local contact as identified in the Short-Term Rental Permit application once this information is available. The local contact shall be available by phone 24 hours per day, seven days per week, during all times when the property is rented. Should a problem arise and be reported to the local contact, the local contact shall be responsible for contacting the short-term renter to correct the problem within 30 minutes, including visiting the site, if necessary, to ensure that the issue has been corrected within 45 minutes. It is not intended that the local contact place themselves in an at-risk situation to comply with this requirement. Note that this information will be made publicly available once obtained from short-term rental owners via the Short-Term Rental Permit Application.

To find the local contact of a property:

  1. Go to the city's Citizen Portal here 
  2. Click on Search in the green menu at the top
  3. Click on Planning Application in the submenu when it appears
  4. When the Search for Records screen appears, select "Short Term Rentals" under Record Type
  5. Enter in any other relevant information to assist with the search (the street address, for example)
  6. Click the light green "Search" button
  7. Click the record of the property to open the record and locate the local contact info 

All complaints must be directed to the local contact first

Until such time as the local contact information becomes available, contact the Santa Rosa Police Department's non-emergency phone number at (707) 528-5222 if immediate assistance is necessary. To file a complaint online, go to Code Enforcement's page where you can download and submit forms to begin the process. Police reports, fire department incident reports, online searches, citations, or neighbor documentation consisting of photos, sound recordings and video may constitute proof of a violation.

Penalties for Violations

Violations of the Short-Term Rentals Ordinance will result in the following penalties:

1st Violation

2nd Violation
(within one year of 1st Violation)
3rd Violation
(within one year of 1st Violation)
$500$1,000$2,000 &
Potential Revocation
of Short-Term Rental Permit

Short-term rental owners who wish to contest a violation or an assessed penalty may follow the appeals process outlined in Code Section 20-62.030, Filing and processing of appeals.