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Gotcha__Bike-1024x683 Opens in new windowBike and scooter share make short, car-free trips a breeze!

Bike share (operated by Bolt Mobility) is expected to launch in several Sonoma and Marin County cities, including Santa Rosa, in early 2022. For more information about the Sonoma-Marin Bike Share Pilot, visit Sonoma County Transportation Authority's website.

City Council will consider approving a scooter share pilot program in December 2021, which, if approved, could bring scooters to Santa Rosa as early as late 2022 (pending applications from prospective operators).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is bike/scooter share?

A: Bikes and scooters are distributed throughout the City, available to rent for short, point-to-point trips, and meant to be used by several different people per day. The bikes and scooters are owned and maintained by a private operator who must be permitted to operate within Santa Rosa.

Q: How do I rent a bike/scooter? How do I end my trip?

A: The bikes and scooters are typically unlocked using a mobile application (accepted forms of payment vary by operator; see operator websites for details).

When you’re done riding, end the trip using your mobile application and leave the bike or scooter responsibly parked for the next person who wants to ride. As soon as your trip is over, the bike/scooter becomes publicly available. Parking requirements vary by operator; see operator websites for details.

Q: What is Santa Rosa doing to ensure shared bikes/scooters don’t impede pedestrian access and clutter sidewalks?

A: Bike share will be a dock-based system, meaning bikes must be returned to designated "hubs." These hubs will be reviewed by the City prior to installation to ensure they do not impede pedestrian access.

The City’s proposed scooter share conditions would require scooters to be locked upright to bike racks or other fixed objects, such as street signs. Scooters will not be allowed to impede access to any area or infrastructure that requires access, including sidewalks, disabled parking, curb ramps, fire hydrants, loading zones, bus stops, entryways, driveways, benches, parking pay stations hand railings, etc.

Q: What do I do if I see a shared bike/scooter that has been mis-parked, vandalized, or stolen?

A: Please make note of the location and ID number printed on the device, then call the appropriate operator. Operators' contact information will be listed on this page once available.

Q: Are there any places where shared bikes and scooters cannot be ridden?

  • Bikes are prohibited from being ridden on sidewalks in the Railroad Square/Downtown area (SRCC 9-22.020). They are allowed on sidewalks everywhere else in Santa Rosa.
  • Scooters are currently prohibited from being ridden anywhere within the Railroad Square/Downtown area, which the City must amend to allow their use on streets (SRCC 9-22.020). 
  • Scooters are prohibited by the CA Vehicle Code from operating on sidewalks, except as needed to enter or exit an adjacent property (CVC 21235(g)).
  • Scooters cannot operate on streets with a speed limit in excess of 25 MPH unless that street includes a bike lane (CVC 21235(b)).
  • Neither can be used or parked on private property without the property owner's permission.

Q: How fast are people allowed to go on the bikes/scooters?

A: The bikes are Class I electric pedal-assist bikes, meaning they provide assisted power up to 20 MPH. At 20 MPH, the motor disengages and any additional power must be generated by the person riding. People on bikes must abide by all posted speed limits.

Scooters are limited to 15 MPH (CVC 22411).

Both will be equipped with GPS and geofencing technology, meaning the operator can designate areas (at the City’s direction) where speeds are further restricted. For example, the City may direct the operator limit scooters to 5 MPH within Old Courthouse Square.

For more information about bike and scooter share, contact Bjorn Griepenburg, Active Transportation Planner:

Staff Contact

Bjorn Griepenburg, Active Transportation Planner:

Bicycle Friendly Community Silver-level award

Santa Rosa was recognized as a "Silver" level Bicycle-Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists in 2019.