FEMA Flood Risk Mapping Project

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, has initiated a multi-year project to revise flood maps for the Santa Rosa Creek Watershed. The Santa Rosa Creek Watershed encompasses most of Santa Rosa and unincorporated portions of Sonoma County. 
Santa Rosa Creek Watershed MapAs part of the Central Sonoma Watershed Project, a local flood study was conducted for Santa Rosa Creek and its key tributaries by the City of Santa Rosa, Sonoma Water, and the County of Sonoma. The study included hydraulic and hydrologic modeling that was shared with FEMA for this project. FEMA will use local flood data, as well as their own to develop flood maps for the watershed.  

By assessing flood risk, communities can make informed decisions about protecting homes and businesses, and develop strategies for creating a safer and more resilient city. 

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Flood Risk Mapping

FEMA Flood Risk Mapping is a multi-year project and requires close coordination between FEMA and local flood control agencies. FEMA will utilize local flood data, as well as their own, to develop flood maps, also know as Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), and a Flood Insurance Study (FIS). Any properties identified with a 1% change or higher of experiencing a flood each year is considered high-risk and will be designated as a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). 

When FEMA's flood maps are revised, some properties will be identified in the high-risk SFHA. Properties within the SFHA may be subject to more stringent building standards and/or insurance requirements. Properties identified in the high-risk flood area with mortgages from government-backed lenders are required to have flood insurance.

FEMA Project Timeline

FEMA Flood Study Timeline

PHASE 1: FEMA Discovery

FEMA collects local flood mapping data from the City of Santa Rosa, Sonoma Water, and County of Sonoma. 
STATUS: In Progress 

PHASE 2: FEMA Analysis and Mapping

FEMA begins preparing preliminary flood maps. FEMA will utilize both local data collected during discovery and their own information to prepare the preliminary flood maps.
STATUS: In Progress

PHASE 3: FEMA Preliminary Flood Map Release and 90-Day Appeal and Comment Period

FEMA releases preliminary flood maps. The preliminary flood maps will be shared with the community and followed by a 90-day public appeal and comment period. Property owners with supporting technical and scientific information, such as detailed hydraulic or hydrologic data, can appeal the flood risk information on the preliminary map and study during the 90-day public appeal and comment period.
STATUS: Not Started

PHASE 4: FEMA Flood Maps Effective

FEMA's final flood maps are released with an effective date.
STATUS: Not Started

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Contact Information

  1. Flood Mapping, Letters of Map Amendment/Revision, and Insurance, contact the FEMA Mapping and Insurance eXchange (FMIX) Customer Care Center at 877-FEMA-MAP (877-336-2627) or [email protected]
  2. Santa Rosa Creek Flood Study, contact Claire Myers, Storm Water and Creeks Manager, at  [email protected] or 707-543-4204
  3. New construction and remodels, contact Santa Rosa’s Building Team at  [email protected] or 707-543-3200
  4. New development proposals, contact Santa Rosa’s Planning Team at [email protected] or 707-543-3200