List and Map of Cannabis Retailers

In Santa Rosa, businesses must obtain local authorization to engage in commercial cannabis activity. Below is a comprehensive map and list of all retail businesses operating within Santa Rosa or who have applied for a permit to operate.

Please note that there is a dual license requirement for commercial cannabis business operators. They must obtain both local authorization and a state license prior to conducting operations. In addition to land-use approval, through either a zoning clearance or a use permit, applicants are also required to secure a building permit and obtain a certificate of occupancy prior to conducting operations and prior to obtaining an annual state license.

Retail Cannabis Permit Status (Last Updated 10/5/21)

Operation Name
City Permit Status
File No.
State License No.
State License Status
Application Date
100 Sebastapol Old School Cannabis Appealed CUP21-027       Kristinae Toomians
1236 Briggs Citrus Hill Approved CUP18-050     4/19/18 Susie Muray
335 Ohair JVA Global Supplies Approved CUP18-052   Approved 4/19/18  
925 Piner Green Qi LLC Approved CUP18-056     4/17/18 Susie Murray
443 Dutton Phenotopia Approved CUP18-057     4/18/18 Susie Murray
468 Yolanda Santa Rosa NKM Approved CUP18-062       Kristinae Toomians
112 Commercial Emerald Blooms Approved CUP18-065     4/19/18 Kristinae Toomians
1111 Petaluma Hill Jutice Grown Cannabis Dispensary Approved CUP18-069     4/20/18 Susie Murray
330 Yolanda Sunstone Advisors Inc. Approved CUP18-070     4/20/18  
250 Colgan BioBloom Ventures Dispensary Approved CUP18-072     4/20/18  
3499 Industrial Expanding Roots Dispensary Approved CUP18-073     4/20/18  
1831 Guerneville JIVA Approved CUP18-075     4/18/18  
1128 Sonoma BKind Dispensary Approved CUP18-079     4/18/18  
353 College Green Pen Dispensary Approved CUP18-080     4/18/18 Adam Ross
755 Farmers Solful Approved CUP19-052   Requested 6/3/19 Adam Ross
4880 Highway 12 Green Qi Approved CUP19-055   Approved 6/3/19 Adam Ross
3175 Range Cannabis Retail and Delivery Approved CUP19-102        
2220 Mercury Northern Standard Approved CUP19-103        
2300 Bethards Alternatives Health Collective Approved CUP19-117       Adam Ross
2489 Guerneville Manifest Venture Approved CUP20-008        
411 Stony Point Stony Point Wellness Approved CUP20-066       Adam Ross
1937 Santa Rosa Cookies Retail PC CUP21-013       Money Sheikhali
817 Russell The Hook Operating CUP18-041   Approved 4/16/18  
2750 Mendocino Seashore Enterprise Southern LLC Operating CUP18-042   Approved 4/16/18  
900 Santa Rosa Mercy Wellness Operating CUP18-043   Approved 4/17/18 Susie Murray
2425 Cleveland Sonoma Patient Group, Inc. Operating CUP18-046   Approved    
3791 Cleveland Humanity Santa Rosa Operating CUP18-049   Approved 4/19/18  
1825 Empire Industrial Flora Terra Operating CUP18-051     4/19/18 Susie Murray
1954 Piner Aloha Aina Dispensary Operating CUP18-060   Approved 4/19/18 Adam Ross
3011 Santa Rosa Doobie Nights Dispensary Operating CUP18-063   Approved 4/19/18 Susie Murray
2074 Armory Jane Dispensary Operating CUP18-071   Approved 4/19/18  
4036 Montgomery Cannadel Operating CUP18-076   Approved 4/20/18  
1061 N Dutton Sparc Operating NCD10-001   Approved    
1603 Hampton Alternatives Dispensary Operating UPE11-0070   Approved    
1226 4th Street Flora Terra Under Review CUP21-061     7/3/21 Susie Murray
4040 Highway 12 Jane Dispensary Pending CUP21-071       Conor McKay
3005 Wijan 3005 Wijan Court LLC Pending CUP19-054     6/3/19 Monet Sheikhali
3059 Coffey Erudite Approved CUP19-056     6/3/19 Susie Murray
4575 Highway 12 Flora Terra Pending PRAP21-038     9/21/21 Susie Murray