List and Map of Cannabis Retailers

In Santa Rosa, businesses must obtain local authorization to engage in commercial cannabis activity. Below is a comprehensive map and list of all retail businesses operating within Santa Rosa or who have applied for a permit to operate.

Please note that there is a dual license requirement for commercial cannabis business operators. They must obtain both local authorization and a state license prior to conducting operations. In addition to land-use approval, through either a zoning clearance or a use permit, applicants are also required to secure a building permit and obtain a certificate of occupancy prior to conducting operations and prior to obtaining an annual state license.

List of Retail Cannabis Permits by Status (as of June 2023)

All properties are listed as "Name (Address), File No."

Under Review

  • 3005 Wiljan Court LLC (3005 Wiljan Court), CUP19-054
  • PG Knights LLC (6599 Montecito Blvd.), CUP22-103


  • Cookies Retail (1937 Santa Rosa Ave.), CUP21-013
  • Emerald Blooms (112 Commercial Court, #2), CUP18-065
  • Erudite (3059 Coffey Lane), CUP19-056
  • Exanding Roots Dispensary (3499 Industrial Drive), CUP18-073
  • Green Pen Dispensary (353 College Ave.), CUP18-080
  • JIVA SR LLC (1831 Guernevile Road, #A), CUP18-075
  • Manifest Venture (2489 Guerneville Road), CUP20-008
  • Nebrina (3401 Cleveland Ave.), CUP22-021
  • Northern Standard (2220 Mercury Way), CUP19-103
  • Old School Cannabis (99 Sebastopol Road), CUP21-026
  • Santa Rosa NKM (468 Yolanda Ave.), CUP18-062
  • So Co Grow (1626 Piner Road), CUP21-098
  • Stony Point Wellness (411 Stony Point Road), CUP20-066
  • Sunstone Advisors (330 Yolanda Ave.), CUP18-070


  • 365 Recreation Club (2750 Mendocino Ave.), CUP18-042
  • Aloha Aina Dispensary (1954 Piner Road, #B), CUP18-060
  • Alternatives Dispensary (1603 Hampton Way, #A), PRMD UPE11-0070
  • Alternatives Health Collective (2300 Bethards Drive), CUP19-117
  • BKind Dispensary (1128 Sonoma Highway), CUP18-079
  • Cannadel (4036 Montgomery Ave.), CUP18-076
  • Citrus Hill (1236 Briggs Ave.), CUP18-050
  • Doobie Nights Dispensary (3011 Santa Rosa Ave., #A), CUP18-063
  • Flora Terra (1825 Empire Industrial Court, #A), CUP18-051
  • Flora Terra (1226 4th Street), CUP21-061
  • Flora Terra (4575 Highway 12), CUP21-097
  • Humanity of Santa Rosa (3971 Cleveland Ave.), CUP18-049
  • Jane Dispensaruy (2074 Armory Drive), CUP18-071
  • Jane Dispensary (4040 Highway 12), CUP21-071
  • JVA Global (335 Ohair Court, #A), CUP18-052
  • Mercy Wellness (900 Santa Rosa Ave.), CUP18-043
  • Phenotopia (443 Dutton Ave, #11), CUP18-057
  • Solful (755 Farmers Lane, #140), CUP19-052
  • Sparc (1061 N Dutton Ave.), MCD10-001 / CUP19-034
  • STIIIZY Santa Rosa LLC (3175 Range Ave.), CUP19-102
  • The Hook (817 Russell Ave, #C), CUP18-041
  • The Sweet Spot Dispendsary (925 Piner Road), CUP18-056
  • The Sweet Spot Dispensary (4880 Sonoma Highway), CUP19-055

Withdrawn, Closed, Expired

  • BioBloom Ventures Dispensary (250 Colgan Ave.), CUP18-072 (Expired)
  • E7 Santa Rosa Dispensary (1904 Cleveland Ave.), CUP19-058 (Withdrawn)
  • E7 Santa Rosa Dispensary (606 Santa Rosa Ave.), CUP19-059 (Withdrawn)
  • Fiasco Dispensary (1414 4th Street), CUP18-077 (WIthdrawn)
  • Justice Grown Cannabis Dispensary (1111 Petaluma Hill Road), CUP 18-069 (Expired)
  • Sonoma Patient Group (2425 Cleveland Ave., #175), CUP18-046 (Closed)