Winter Holiday Construction Moratorium

To support Santa Rosa businesses and reduce traffic congestion during the peak winter holiday shopping season, the City of Santa Rosa has a Holiday Construction Moratorium which temporarily prohibits construction work on streets or sidewalks in specified Santa Rosa retail areas.

What Areas are Impacted and When?

The Holiday Construction Moratorium prohibits construction work in streets or sidewalks within the following four areas in Santa Rosa:

While dates change with each years, this moratorium generally goes into effect during the week of Thanksgiving to the first business day of the new year.

In addition to restricting work within these specified Holiday Construction Moratorium areas, occasionally, construction may also be restricted in areas adjacent to the moratorium boundaries if the work impedes public mobility getting to and from designated Holiday Construction Moratorium areas. 

Are there exceptions to the Moratorium?

Exceptions to the Moratorium are sometimes allowed, and the City of Santa Rosa evaluates each request on a case-by-case basis and grants exceptions under special encroachment permit conditions. Generally large-scale, multi-lot planned maintenance and infrastructure improvement projects are prohibited within the moratorium areas. Small-scale, single-lot projects for maintenance and new service upgrades may be permissible. Exceptions are also allowed for emergencies where the construction project is addressing issues that pose immediate threat to property damage, personal injury, or loss.

To request an exception, contact the City of Santa Rosa’s Engineering team to discuss the project: