Zero Waste Food Ware Guidance

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The City of Santa Rosa’s New Zero Waste Food Ware Ordinance effective January 1, 2022

The Ordinance regulates the use of disposable food service ware and bans the sale and use of polystyrene (plastic foam) and Fluorinated (PFAS) products which contribute to street litter, marine pollution, harm to wildlife, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste sent to the landfill.

Who Must Follow the Ordinance?

The Ordinance, includes, but is not limited to, the following businesses operating in the Santa Rosa city limits: 

  • Food Facilities including restaurants, bars, cafes, delis, cafeterias, food trucks and mobile food vendors, faith-based organizations, etc.
  • Retail Establishments including stores, shops, sales outlets, convenience markets, etc.
  • Special Event Organizers who distribute food ware or other products prohibited under the Ordinance.


If the Zero Waste Food Ware Ordinance would create an undue financial hardship or a practical difficulty not generally experienced by other persons in similar circumstances, owners/operators of food facilities and retail businesses or organizations may apply for a one-time waiver for up to a year, not to exceed January 1, 2023. Click on the Waiver Application link above to complete and submit your online waiver application.


Business that do not comply with the Zero Waste Food Ware Ordinance may be subject to an infraction or misdemeanor as determined by the City Attorney under Chapter 1-28 of the Santa Rosa City Code.

Enforcement and Penalties

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Ordinance Elements

City Council approves Ordinance August 3, 2021