Neighborhood Information

Neighborhood Crime Problems

If you have information regarding any ongoing illegal activity in your neighborhood, you may call the Police Department. You may withhold your name. A phone message may be left at 707-544-DRUG (707-544-3784). Names, descriptions, addresses and license numbers of suspected individuals are helpful.

Neighborhood Watch

Experience has shown that Neighborhood Watch has proven to be an effective tool in crime prevention. Neighborhood Watch is a program operated by residents and aimed at getting people to take simple but necessary steps to discourage crime in their neighborhood. Through Neighborhood Watch, you can learn how to make your home, possessions, and family less likely to be victimized by crime. Call 707-543-3653 for more information.

Loud Parties

There are City laws that relate to loud parties. Call the Police Department at 707-528-5222 for information or to report a problem.