Welcome to the Retirement webpage for City of Santa Rosa employees 

Below is important information about planning for your retirement. Be sure to read through the resources and information provided and reference the Retirement Planning Checklist to help ensure a smooth transition into retirement.

The City of Santa Rosa participates in CalPERS. CalPERS recommends starting your retirement planning at least a year in advance. CalPERS has many resources available to help you understand your CalPERS benefits and help you in your retirement planning, see the CalPERS tab below for details and links.

Employees may be eligible for additional City of Santa Rosa benefits in retirement. Below is a table summarizing the type of retirement benefits by unit that may be available to you. More information is available in the Miscellaneous Employees Retirement Guide for those retiring from non-safety units.

Retirement Planning Timeline

Important! CalPERS and the City of Santa Rosa retirement dates are different.


Your City retirement date is your last working day. You must work on your last day.

Your CalPERS retirement day is the day after your last working day. This is the date on your CalPERS application.

  1. One year before retirement
  2. 5 - 9 Months prior to retirement
  3. 3 - 4 Months prior to retirement
  4. 1 - 2 Months prior to retirement
  5. Your final week of employment

One Year Before Retirement

Check out CalPERS resources such as the “Planning Your Service Retirement” publication and the many other Member Education resources available.

Retiree Chart
  1. Medical  Rates & Info.
  2. CalPERS
  3. Social Security
  4. Medicare
  5. Stipend
  6. Deferred Comp.
  7. Final Paycheck
  8. COBRA
  9. RHS
  10. FAQs
  11. Important Contact Information

Medical Rates & Information

Be sure to plan ahead in order to ensure that you have selected the medical insurance plan to best meet your retirement needs. When you retire, you will be required to remain with the plan in which you are participating on your last day of employment. Plan changes can only be made once a year, at a time designated by the City.

What Coverage Can Be Continued After Retirement?

Active coverage for all benefits ends on the last day of the month in which you retire. Medical coverage can be continued after retirement. The City does not offer retiree dental or vision coverage, but dental and vision continuation coverage is available through COBRA for up to 18 months following termination of active employment.

Medical Guidelines and Provisions

At the time of retirement, employees actively enrolled in a medical plan will have three (3) options:

o Decline retiree medical coverage. Employees declining retiree medical coverage will NOT have the option of enrolling at a later date.

o Enroll in retiree medical coverage

o Temporarily waive retiree medical insurance. This option is only allowed if you are going to be enrolled in another employer sponsored plan. If you should lose coverage in other employer sponsored plan, you have 30 days from the date of loss of coverage to re-enroll in the City’s retiree medical insurance plan you were enrolled in when you retired. 

See the Retirement Guide, linked above, for further details.

2021 CalPERS Medical Rates

2021 City Medical Retiree Rates

2021 Teamsters Medical Retiree Rates

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