Ordinance Update and Public Review Process

In October 2021, the City Council passed an ordinance meant to address the public safety and nuisance issues associated with short-term rentals. In August 2022, the City Council adopted amendments to the original ordinance, including setting a cap of 198 non-hosted short-term rental permits for the City.

The City is considering updating the Short Term Rental Ordinance. The update is expected to be brought before the City Council in late Spring 2023. The public is encouraged to check back to this page for opportunities to participate in this process.

Public Engagement for Phase III (Current Phase) Short-Term Rentals Ordinance

September 2022 to Spring 2023 (anticipated)

Provide Feedback & Receive Updates on the Comprehensive Ordinance Development

View Public Input Compilation from Short-Term Rental Survey

Public Meeting Schedule (all dates subject to change)

Public Engagement for Phase II Short-Term Rentals Urgency Ordinance

October 2021 to  August 2022

Watch Past Public Meetings on the Phase II Short-Term Rentals Urgency Ordinance

Public Engagement for Phase I Short-Term Rentals Urgency Ordinance

August 2021 to October 2021

View Public Input Compilation from August 2021 Short-Term Rental Survey

  • Community input was collected through a survey in August of 2021 to help inform the Short-Term Rental Urgency Ordinance. The data and response compilation may be viewed and downloaded here.

Watch Past Public Meetings on Short-Term Rentals and the Urgency Ordinance (all dates 2021)