Roseland Area Annexation


On November 1, 2017, the annexation of the Roseland Area will be complete. City staff are coordinating with County staff to make the transition from County to City services as smooth as possible for the Roseland community. Residents and business included in the annexation will receive information about the transition from County to City jurisdiction in the mail the third week of October.This website has also been developed to answer questions residents and businesses may have about the annexation.




Address: Your address and zip code will not change.

Land Use: Existing land uses that were legally established within the County can continue.

Building Inspections: For Residential Properties – The City’s Code Enforcement program is primarily implemented on a complaint-driven basis. City staff will not immediately inspect existing buildings unless a complaint is filed.

For Commercial Properties: The Fire Department will inspect existing buildings to ensure applicable fire code, hazardous materials and hazardous waste permits are issued.

Home Vehicle Repair: The City of Santa Rosa does not regulate personal vehicle repairs and maintenance on private residential property, so long as it is on the driveway and not stored for longer than 72 consecutive hours. Vehicle repair as a home business is not permitted.

Vehicle/RV Parking: Vehicle parking on streets or alleys for more than 72 consecutive hours is prohibited. Extended parking or storage of any RV, trailer, airplane, boat, other motor vehicle, or parts of any of those vehicles within a required front, side or rear setback of a property is also prohibited. These requirements do not apply to a fully operational vehicle parked in a driveway and used on a regular basis.

Farm Animals: Hens may be kept in residential lots, but roosters are not allowed. Farm animals are allowed in rural residential areas (not in single-family or multi-family residential areas) if the property is a minimum of a ½-acre in size.

Trees on Private Property: Alteration, removal or relocation of a tree on a single-family residential property is allowed without a permit unless the tree is a protected or heritage tree. A tree removal permit is required for alteration, removal or relocation of protected trees; see website for list of protected trees.


As you transition from the County to the City, here's a few simple action items we encourage you to follow up on:

  1. Sign up for waste collection service (for residents & business owners not already receiving service)
    Call The Ratto Group to initiate service at 707.586.1478
  2. Sign up for public safety alerts delivered to your phone
    Text your zip code to 888777 to opt-in
  3. Obtain a Business Tax Certificate (for business owners only)
    Apply online by clicking here.
  4. Connect with us!
    Follow our social media channels. Get started by clicking here.
  5. Attend Welcome Roseland Event
    More details to follow! Stay tuned!


Want more information about the annexation? Below is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions about the annexation, separated into four main categories. Can't find your question? Please contact Jessica Jones at [email protected] or 707-543-3410 for assistance.

  1. Your Property
  2. Municipal Services
  3. Taxes & Fees
  4. Operating a Business


These comical videos, produced with help from local youth, help further explain answers to eight of our most frequently asked questions about the annexation ... watch and enjoy!

Ever wonder how the #RoselandAnnexation will affect your life? What are the benefits? Let our youth from Roseland explain in this first #welcomeRoseland video! #CityofSantaRosa #roads #watersystem #SantaRosaCityCouncil #infrastructure

Our young friends from Roseland discuss how property taxes will be affected by the #RoselandAnnexation in the latest #welcomeRoseland video!

Will my rent go up due to the annexation of Roseland? This question has been on the minds of many and our friend Mario explains how rents will be affected by the annexation in this week’s #WelcomeRoseland video!

The Police Department of Santa Rosa is willing to serve the neighborhood of #roseland in all their needs of law enforcement once the annexation is complete! Take a look at the video #bienvenidoaroseland this week and the website of #srpd:

Are you a #Roseland resident that loves to work on cars in your spare time and wonder about how the #annexation may affect your car hobby? No need to worry – let our young friends from Roseland explain in this latest #WelcomeRoseland video! Whether you are a fan of classic cars or just like working on all cars in general, the annexation will not affect this.

Will I have to change schools when Roseland becomes part of the City of Santa Rosa? Our Roseland youth explain how schools are affected by the annexation in this week's Welcome Roseland video.

Hey taco truck fans! The Roseland annexation will not affect your favorite spots to eat! Our friends from El Roy’s help to answer this most frequently asked question in our last Welcome Roseland video.

The animals can stay! Wait, what? The City of Santa Rosa is often asked about owning farm animals in Roseland once the neighborhood is annexed into the city. Here's the deal: you can keep hens on any residential lot (no roosters please). Farm animals are also allowed in rural residential areas as long as your property is a minimum of 20,000 square feet or about 1/2 an acre. For more information, including the number of farm animals you can keep, and other questions about the Roseland annexation, please visit


The Roseland Area Annexation has incorporated approximately 714 acres into the City of Santa Rosa. The acreage consists of five unincorporated County islands in southwest Santa Rosa: Roseland, Victoria Drive, W. Hearn Avenue, Brittain Lane and W. Third Street. This project initiated in February of 2013, after City Council, through its goal setting process, directed development of a work plan for annexing the unincorporated Roseland area.  

Click here to access a flowchart that outlines the annexation process that was conducted through the City and through the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), the authoritative body that approved the annexation.