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South Davis Park Master Plan

We want to hear your ideas as we reimagine the future of South Davis Park.

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Tell us what you think about the Conceptual Designs presented during the June 15, 2022 community meeting for South Davis Neighborhood Park Master Plan. The online survey is provided in both English and Spanish.

The survey will remain open through July 6, 2022.

View June 15, 2022 Community Meeting Presentation Slides 

Watch the Recorded Replay of the June 15, 2022 Community Meeting

View the combined survey and poll results from the Community Meetings in March and April 2022

South Davis Park Master Plan: Community Meeting #3
Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at 5:30 p.m.

During the third community meeting, the survey results from Community Meetings #1 and #2 will be shared and discussed. Three park concept plans were presented based on public input received from the prior two meetings and surveys. The concepts are meant to be diverse and demonstrate a variety of distinct possibilities to encourage a robust conversation as we solicit feedback for and against the elements of the plans as we refine the community vision for South Davis Park. Spanish interpretation was provided.

Don’t have computer access at home but want to attend the virtual meeting online?

Join us at Finley Community Center in the Person Senior Wing Computer Lab
Finley Community Park is located at 2060 W. College Avenue, Santa Rosa. 
CityBus routes that service the South Davis Neighborhood to Finley include Route 2 to Route 15 or Routes 2/2B/12 to Route 9 or Routes 3/42/48 to Route 9. 

You can also participate at the Roseland Regional Library or Central Santa Rosa Library
Roseland Regional Library is located at 470 Sebastopol Road. 
CityBus routes that service South Davis Neighborhood Park to the Roseland Library include Routes 2/2B 
Central Santa Rosa Library is located at 211 E. Street. 
CityBus routes that service South Davis Neighborhood Park to the Central Santa Rosa Library include Routes 2/2B/12 or 3/42/48. 
The libraries are open until 8 p.m. 


South Davis Park Master Plan: Community Meeting #2 
Saturday, April 9, 2022 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Thank you for taking the South Davis Park Survey. The survey period is now closed. 

An in-person community meeting was held at South Davis Park, 712 South Davis Street.
The City of Santa Rosa Parks held an in-person community meeting to discuss the creation of a new master plan for South Davis Neighborhood Park. During the meeting, we reviewed the park master plan process and, through community input, will develop a community vision for the park.


South Davis Park Master Plan: Community Meeting #1 
Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 5:30 p.m.

During this first in a series of public meetings, we reviewed the master plan process and discussed the future of South Davis Neighborhood Park. This was the community’s first opportunity to share the types of amenities and activities you would like to see in the park. We enjoyed hearing your feedback and questions during the meeting, and thank you for  participating in the online survey, that was available on this webpage, where you provided your input following the meeting.
 South Davis Neighborhood Park is a 1.34-acre property in southwest Santa Rosa.

View presentation for the South Davis Community Park Master Plan community meeting on March 24, 2022

View Recorded Meeting for the South Davis Community Park Master Plan community meeting on March 24, 2022 


Master Planning Schedule

Community Meeting #1 (virtual) Site Analysis, Park History & Polling March 24, 2022
Community Meeting #2 (in-person) Site Analysis & Park History April 9, 2022
Community Meeting #3 (virtual) Survey Results & Draft Concept Plans June 15, 2022
Community Meeting #4 (virtual) Survey Results & Final Concept Plan Fall 2022
Master Plan Approval Board of Community Services & City Council Fall 2022
Design Development   Fall 2022 - Winter 2023
Bidding & Construction   Winter - Fall 2023



South Davis Neighborhood Park is a 1.34-acre property located at 712 South Davis Street in Southwest Santa Rosa. The park was acquired prior to 1964 as part of the Caltrans right-of-way construction for Highway 101. To the East, the park is bordered by a 20+ foot solid corrugated metal fence, which separates the park from Highway 101. To the West, the park is bordered by South Davis Street and a long-established residential neighborhood with narrow streets. To the North, the park is bordered by Highway 12, and to the South is South Dutton Avenue. The park shape is unique - very narrow and linear - and is bisected by the end of Earle Street and the entry/exit for the Highway 101 pedestrian-only over crossing. 

The park has gone through a variety of changes and updates over the years, including installation of the fencing along Highway 101 in 1977, as part of the construction for the pedestrian overpass. In 1988, the South end of the park was updated – sidewalks, curbs and gutters were installed, as well as plantings and irrigation. In 2001, playground equipment was installed.

The playground offers play areas for children ages 2-5 years and 5-12 years and a separate swing area. The remainder of the park contains mature landscaping, numerous Redwood trees, irrigated lawn, picnic tables, benches, drinking fountain, temporary trash receptacles, half-court basketball, and wooden bollards along South Davis Street. The Park Master Plan was completed in 2003. 

The current play areas for children age 2-5 years and age 5-12 years are in need of replacement and potentially relocation to bring the playground area into compliance with current California Playground Safety regulations and building codes related to equal access. Additionally, associated pathways need to be updated to current accessibility standards. 

The master planning process is expected to take between six (6) and nine (9) months to complete. The construction process will begin following the approved Master Plan Amendment and should take approximately 10-12 months to complete. 


For questions or more information, please contact Emily Ander, Park Planner Assistant, at or call the Parks main line at 707-543-3770. 


South Davis Neighborhood Park Master Plan (2003)