Stony Point Road Corridor Study: W 3rd Street - Sebastopol Road

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The Stony Point Road Corridor Study for Active Transportation Modes was completed by W-Trans on August 12, 2021. The City is now exploring funding opportunities to implement the study's recommendations, which are highlighted by Class IV protected bike lanes and reconfiguration of intersections and Highway 12 ramp crossings, including the Joe Rodota Trail crossing.


Stony Point Road is an important artery of the bicycle and pedestrian network in Santa Rosa, providing a north-south connection across State Route 12 from Guerneville Road to Sebastopol Road. It is also a busy, high-speed arterial street, with average daily traffic volumes between 20,000 and 30,000 and posted speed limits of 35 to 40 mph. 

The corridor is part of the High Injury Network for both bicyclists and pedestrians, with fatal or severe injury collisions occurring at a higher frequency than other corridors in the community. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board identified the section between W 3rd St and Sebastopol Rd as its top priority for further study.

Community Engagement

Engagement activities used to inform the study included:

  • Community Meetings: Two virtual community meetings were held, attracting 60 participants total. (Meeting videos: 11/18/20, 3/3/21)  
  • Online Surveys: Two online surveys were developed to solicit input on key issues for pedestrians and bicyclists in the study area and to weigh in on the draft concept plans. Nearly 600 responses were submitted to the two surveys.
  • Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Board (BPAB) Meetings: The BPAB received three presentations on the draft concept plans and were asked to provide input to staff and the consultant team. Members of the public also attended meetings and provided comments.