Roads & Sidewalks

Basketball Hoops in the Public Right-of-Way

There are various ordinances and policies relating to basketball hoops. Call 707-543-4611 for information or to report problems.


Sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of fronting property owners. You may, however, call the City at 707-543-3881 to request the placement of an asphalt patch. Concrete repairs and replacements will be made at the expense of the fronting property owner.

Street Lighting, Traffic Signals, & Traffic Signs

To report malfunctioning City-owned street lights or traffic signals, and missing or vandalized signs, call 707-543-3880; traffic signals and signs on state highways, e.g., Sonoma Highway 12, Sebastopol Highway 12, etc., are maintained by Caltrans. Call Caltrans - Petaluma office at 707-762-6641.

Street Trees

There are various City laws and regulations that govern the planting and care of street trees, ie., trees planted between the curb and the sidewalk. Call 707-543-3770 for information or to report problems.