Garage & Yard Sales

You may hold 3 garage or yard sales per year. The items sold must be personal household items and may not include any items bought for resale. Call 707-543-3198 for information or to report problems.

Home Operated Businesses

You may be able to operate a business out of your home; however, you must obtain a Home Occupation Permit from the City's Department of Community Development and a business tax certificate from the Finance Department. The basic premise for issuing a Home Occupation permit is that the business will not change the residential character of the property or the neighborhood. There are further rules governing Home Occupations. Call 707-543-3198 for further information or to report problems.


Any individual who solicits door to door for a business is required to have a permit in the form of a photo I.D. card issued by the Santa Rosa Police Department. No individual may solicit or peddle for a business at any home where a sign stating "No Peddlers or Solicitors" is clearly visible. A solicitor for a non-profit organization should have a letter of exemption issued by the Santa Rosa Police Department. When a solicitor comes to your door, you may ask to see a permit. If the solicitor does not have a permit or letter, or refuses to show it to you, or causes any problems, you may call the Police Department at 707-528-5222.