Sewer, Storm Drains, & Water

Storm Drains

As all City storm drain pipes feed our creeks and channels, only storm water should enter catch basins (e.g., openings in curbs). Anyone seen dumping oil, caustic items, or any other liquids into a storm drain should be reported to the City at 707-543-3881.

Disposal Into Sewer System

Pollutants, petrochemicals, pesticides and heavy metals, i.e., gold, lead, silver, chrome and zinc, can easily upset the bacterial and chemical balances of the wastewater treatment facility. Therefore, businesses must obtain an Industrial Waste Discharge Permit from the Utilities Department before pouring, placing, or discharging them into the sewer system. Call 707-543-3369 for information or to report problems.

Theft of Water

Illegal tampering with the water system or theft of water can cause contamination or damage to the City's water system, interrupt waste service, and hamper fire protection. Contractors wishing to obtain water from a City fire hydrant must obtain a permit from the Utilities Department and pay an $800 (fully refundable) deposit. Applicants will receive a water meter with appropriate backflow device to protect against contamination. Anyone tapping into a City water line without a permit will be subject to a $500 penalty on the first offense and a $1,000 penalty for each violation. Call 707-543-3980 for information or to report problems.