Henry Huang - District 4

Small Business Owner


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I’m running to represent you on the Santa Rosa City Council because we all know we live somewhere special. Santa Rosa isn’t just where I live, it’s home. It’s where I raised a family, started several small businesses, and have set down roots. My roots here run deep. As a 17-year resident of Santa Rosa, I received my Law Degree from the Empire School of Law and my LL.M from the Santa Clara School of Law. My wife is a local doctor, treating our local Santa Rosa residents day in, day out. Both of my sons have had the pleasure of attending Santa Rosa Junior College.  I have to meet a payroll on a weekly basis, employing local Santa Rosa Citizens, and have helped fill local storefronts and offices with other thriving small businesses. As a fire survivor, I chose to stay in Santa Rosa, because it’s not just where I live, it’s home.

You deserve a Councilmember who will think outside the box and bring a fresh set of eyes to our city government. My years of experience in accounting allow me to drill down on our City Budget, making sure your tax dollars are being spent the best way possible. You deserve a Councilmember whose sole focus is getting to work and ensuring that the basic functions of Santa Rosa City Government are met: better roads by ensuring that your tax dollars are spent on this basic city function, addressing homelessness by looking at best practices of other cities and working to implement them here in Santa Rosa, revitalizing downtown by ensuring we have free parking, so that more and more people feel welcome and wanted in our Downtown Core, working on the right mix of affordable and market rate housing, so that our children, and later on down the road, their children, have a place to come back to and call home, more resources for our Police and Fire Departments to ensure safer neighborhoods and more jobs for our local citizens. I’m Henry Huang, and I’m running for Santa Rosa City Council because it’s time we bring some common business sense to the business of City Government.