Veronica "Roni" Jacobi - District 6

Business Owner, Engineer


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We need bold optimal climate solutions now! As an engineer, mother, former foster-mother, former Santa Rosa Councilwoman, bilingual and raised by immigrant grandparents, I have the passion, education, experience, heart, and grit to make wise use of our hard-earned tax dollars. 

I've created the "Safety, Good Jobs, Housing and Climate Plan" for our urgently needed changes. This includes interwoven affordable housing, food security, fire hardening and fire defense, good jobs, stewarding regenerative forests and parks and agriculture, drought readiness, carbon pollution fees, public banking, and carbon-farming incentives. We have what's needed to solve climate disruption, but we need political will. I have the will!

I'll stand strong for clean water, air, and energy; youth-enriching schools; gun control; and user-friendly transit. I'll safeguard neighborhoods, greenbelts, coastal areas, and parks. I'm committed to universal healthcare, government transparency, fiscal responsibility, campaign finance reform, and cost-effective infrastructure maintenance.

I co-founded Sonoma County Water Coalition; founded OurGreenChallenge.org; served on executive boards: Sierra Club Sonoma Group, Sonoma County Conservation Council, National Women's Political Caucus; provided family eldercare; coached Special Olympics.

I have been endorsed by Marsha Dupre, former Councilmember; by Richard Heinberg, Author; by Maya Khosla, Sonoma County Poet Laureate Emerita, Filmmaker; and many local leaders and residents, giving these reasons: integrity, intellect, leadership, energy engineering experience, accomplished civic record, listening skills, compassion, exceptional preparation, creativity, determination, multi-solutions systems thinking.

Elect a community and environmental award-winner who’s advanced climate progress for over 20 years. Together, let's champion solutions for our future! I respectfully request your vote. 




"Veronica Jacobi is the candidate most explicitly and thoroughly committed to working on climate change issues locally. She has the engineering smarts to know what that means in practical terms. Climate change is the biggest challenge ever to face humanity, and it will clobber us if we don't make some profound shifts both nationally and locally. Roni is best qualified to lead the way." - Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute, Author, POWER: LIMITS AND PROSPECTS FOR HUMAN SURVIVAL

"I've worked with Roni since 1998, know her, trust her, value her intellect, leadership and listening skills, persistence and compassion.

She cares deeply about the human condition and our earth." - Marsha Vas Dupre, Fmr. Santa Rosa Vice-Mayor

"Roni inspired us to create the Sonoma County Water Coalition in 2004. She has always taken the lead on the big issues before they become the political issues of the day, and she keeps working on these issues behind the scenes. She also pays close attention to the way political decisions affect real people and works tirelessly to help those who feel disenfranchised." - Stephen Fuller-Rowell