Vision Zero

Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all.

On July 26, 2022, Santa Rosa City Council adopted the Sonoma County Vision Zero Action Plan (VZAP).  The VZAP set a target goal of zero traffic deaths and severe injuries on roadways within Santa Rosa by 2030. The Council at the same time also approved the Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP) for citywide corridors including those identified in the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update 2018.

The Vision Zero Approach

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About Vision Zero

Santa Rosa City Council approved the Vision Zero Action Plan, which endorses the goal of zero fatal and serious injury collisions on our city streets by 2030. The City of Santa Rosa's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board through an Ad Hoc Committee created a Vision Zero Implementation Plan that will work to implement Vision Zero Policies through policy, planning and engineering.

One of the products from the Vision Zero Action Plan was the creation of a countywide dashboard. The Vision Zero Data Dashboard shows major patterns in crash data from around Sonoma County from 2015 through 2021 and provides the ability to view data specific to each jurisdiction in the county. Overall, fatal and severe crashes in Sonoma County increased through 2017, but have started to decrease over the last few years. Relative to other jurisdictions, Santa Rosa experienced the most pronounced trend, with the total number of crashes declining from 870 in 2017 to 326 in 2021, and fatal and severe crashes declining from a high of 65 in 2018 to 41 in 2021. The dashboard will be used to track Santa Rosa’s progress toward the 2030 goal and adjust the implementation plan as needed to meet the goal.  

Sonoma County Vision Zero Action Plan

The Vision Zero project was tasked with creating a regional plan that recommends actions for reducing traffic fatality rates in Sonoma County. It supports the Sonoma County Transportation Authority’s (SCTA’s) Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve safety and health. The Action Plan also supports Regional Climate Protection Agency’s (RCPA’s) Sonoma Climate Mobilization Strategy “Drive Less Sonoma County Campaign” which includes the implementation of the Action Plan. 

Vision Zero’s proactive approach prioritizes transportation and mobility safety as a public health issue. Speed management, safe and equitable mobility for all modes of transportation, and the prioritization of community engagement are key elements of a Vision Zero strategy and plan.

Vision Zero Goals

Vision Zero represents a commitment to specific Vision Zero actions that are organized into six high-level goals: 

  1. Create Safer Speeds 
  2. Eliminate Impaired Driving 
  3. Create a Culture of Safety 
  4. Build Safe Streets for All 
  5. Make Vehicles Safer and Reduce Private Vehicle Use 
  6. Improve Data for Effective Decision Making

Analysis – Policy Documents

City staff have been engaged in the Vision Zero Advisory Committee since its inception and have provided meaningful input toward the Plan’s development. The implementation measures in the Vision Zero Action Plan will build on the City’s current work toward a safer transportation system, which includes: