Adopt-A-Green Space Program

Adopt-A-Green Space Program

The Adopt-A-Green Space Program is a partnership between the City of Santa Rosa Recreation & Parks Department and individuals, businesses, or community groups. It offers volunteers the opportunity to commit to the maintenance of improvement of a public space such as a neighborhood park, street median, or other open space. By enlisting the energy, skill, and care of Santa Rosa residents and organizations, the Adopt-A-Green Space Program helps the City look its best.

Who is Eligible?

The entire community is welcome to get involved, including individuals, community groups, businesses, service clubs, schools, non-profit organizations, churches, and youth groups.

How it Works

Adopting a park or other public space can take many forms and Recreation & Parks staff work with you to design a program to suit your needs. Participation involves a commitment to a specific park, section of a park, or a median to physically perform tasks on a regular basis such as litter and weed removal, planting, graffiti removal, maintenance, or special projects. In addition, participants may offer financial support to be applied to a designated area for maintenance and improvement.

Length of Commitment

A minimum commitment of one year of care for the adopted green space is requested. After an initial meeting to establish the adoption details, staff will meet with you annually to review your maintenance plan and accomplishments.


After six months of active adoption, participants may request a sign at the adopted location bearing the name of the adopting group or individual. Adopters will be invited to Recreation & Parks volunteer recognition events and will have the satisfaction of knowing that they helped enhance the community.

Help keep Santa Rosa's parks and green spaces beautiful! The Adopt-A-Green-Space program welcomes individuals or groups who want to volunteer their time and efforts on a regular basis to care for a specific park or median in Santa Rosa. Participants commit to "adopting" the space for at least a year and performing tasks such as weeding, planting, seasonal maintenance, litter removal, graffiti removal, or other special projects.

Get Started

Contact the Volunteer Program Desk at [email protected] or call 707-543-3279 for more information, or submit a proposal.


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