Short Term Rentals Permit Search Tool Measurement Instructions

1. Select the “Measure” button:

Instructions 1_Measure Button

2. Ensure the properties that you want to measure between are visible and then select “New Measurement”:

Instructions 2_New Measurement Buttton

3. Overconcentration determinations are based on measurements between property lines. To view property lines, turn on the “All Parcels” layer by clicking the item on the list:

Instructions 3_All Parcels

4. Click on the first property line and draw to the closest point on the next property line to measure the distance between parcels. Double-click to stop.

Important! The measurement to determine overconcentration is made between property lines, NOT between “dots.”

Instructions 4 and 5_Drawing a Line

5. Once finished, select “New Measurement” and repeat these steps to conduct another measurement, or click the “Measure” button again to turn off the measurement tool.